Rodez wins on penalties against Paris FC in the play-offs and will face Saint-Étienne in the next round

An insane scenario. After leading for more than an hour, Rodez needed an extremely poorly started penalty shootout to defeat Paris FC, in the Ligue 2 pre-play-off (2-2, 3-2 on the tabs). They will travel to Saint-Étienne on Friday, for a place in the Ligue 1 promotion play-off against Metz.

There was no need to arrive late at the Paul-Lignon stadium, where the match started at two hundred miles an hour. From the 4th minute, Dicko opened the scoring by pouncing on a header from Lukembila (0-1, 4th). Rodez did not wait to respond, with a header from Houtondji pushed back by Nkambadio for a corner (6th). It was on this set piece that Lukembila held Danger in the open area: an indisputable penalty for Mr. Ben El Hadj. Danger did himself justice by crossing his penalty perfectly (1-1, 8th).

Rodez then clearly took the upper hand, notably obtaining two big chances from Corredor, first a header which brushed the post (22nd) then a strike that was too axial (24th). The ex-Toulousain, twirling this Tuesday evening, ended up finding the loophole to give the Aveyronnais the advantage in the 31st minute. On a very long clearance from Jaouen, Kolodziezjcak missed his header. Corredor anticipated well to send a perfect control-cross-strike sequence into the opposite net (2-1, 31st).

Paris returns to 10 against 11

The Parisians, not very dangerous despite high possession, were kept in the match by their goalkeeper, author of a good save on a header from Raux Yao (38th). The matter became even more complicated at the start of the second half, with a second yellow card from Mbow for a nasty foul on Corredor, again (47th). But, too imprecise in front of goal despite incursions into the Parisian area, Rodez failed to kill the match. Houtondji found the post (50th) and Taïbi failed twice (55th, 83rd). The Ruthenois ended up retreating and only playing against them, sporadically. By pushing, Paris, despite its difficulties in creating clear chances, escaped at the last second, on a header released by Jaouen, benefiting Dabila, at point blank range (2-2, 90th + 7).

When it came time for penalties, the Aveyronnais initially seemed affected by this twist of fate, missing their first three attempts, while Doucet also saw his shot pushed back by Jaouen. But Stéphane Gilli’s men collapsed in turn, with three missed penalties in a row, while Rodez finished flawlessly and won after the sixth Parisian shot, propelled over by Camara.

The player: Ewen Jaouen

The 18-year-old goalkeeper, who arrived at the end of April on loan from Reims to compensate for injuries to Mpasi and Cibois, experienced mixed fortunes for his 7th professional match. First at the origin of the 2-1 goal by sending a long ball well exploited by Corredor, Jaouen, despite himself, allowed the Parisians to come back at the last minute by releasing an easy ball from a corner, at the end of added time.

During the penalty shootout, he remained focused, first taking out Doucet’s attempt while his teammates liquefied. And from the fourth shot, when each strike could precipitate the elimination of his team, he remained solid. In addition to diverting a new strike, that of Jabbari, he also surely took the psychological advantage over Mandouki then Camara, pushing them to miss the target. Perhaps the first flash of a very good career.


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