Rafa Nadal vs Zverev in the first round!

It’s Rafa Nadal and Roland Garros, but it is clear that no one expected that in the first round of the Parisian tournament, Rafa would have to face an opponent as powerful as Alexander Zverev. The German also comes from winning the Rome Masters 1000 and is one of the fittest players in the world and at the moment. But this is Rafa’s new life with a low position in the ATP ranking. He can touch anyone.

With this tweet the draw was announced:

The first game is very hard, but this is how Nadal’s final draw would look if he continues passing rounds:

The second round, in principle, is easier than the first since Goffin and Perricard are very far from the level of Alexander Zverev. They have faced each other 10 times with seven victories for Rafa and three for Alexander. Coincidentally, the last time they faced each other It was at Roland Garros, when the German shattered his ankle in the 2022 semifinals.


The news has spread like wildfire on social networks including the official accounts of the ATP:

We will have to see how Nadal is in this first match since it will be his first five-set match in more than a year. It will undoubtedly be a devastating test for Rafa who has historically shown that, especially on clay and at Roland Garros, His legend is immortal and resistant to everything.

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