Octagon showdown: Jaroslav Pokorný vs. Shem Rock finally set to happen after years of delays

It might seem like a duel Jaroslav Pokorný vs. Shem Rock it’s one of those cursed matches that take years to prepare, only to never happen. But now it seems that the promoters of the Octagon have found common ground with both actors after all. There was an official confirmation that we will see the fight at the tournament in Eden.

Throughout his life, Rock crossed the lines of the law, pursuing a career as a drug dealer while in school. One day he was even accused of armed burglary, but according to his own words, he did nothing of the sort. To avoid prison, he left England and traveled all the way to Malaysia, where he got into combat sports for the first time. However, he did not escape prison. After returning to his native country, he served six months.

He does not hide his aversion to the police even now, it even became part of the provocation aimed at Pokorný. “I’d like to beat up a cop,” he wrote on social networks under a photo of a Czech veteran, whose life he subsequently made unpleasant in various ways. “He texts me at three in the morning, but even Google Translate won’t translate it because it’s poured or faked,” he complained last summer.

The match was supposed to take place at the Octagon 48 tournament, but everything was complicated by an incident during the weigh-ins. Rock checked his opponent with a hard kick to the ribs, injuring him. Even the doctor did not recommend him to go to the cage. And since the fight did not take place, both lost the financial reward. “I came into the red because of him, so I don’t know if I want to take another match with him” complained Pokorný, who also heard other threats.

Moments later, it seemed that Rock would leave the Oktagon, Ondřej Novotný pointed out the difficult negotiations with his manager. In January of this year, however, it was confirmed that he is being counted on for the future as well. After a draw with Arthur Lima and a quick finish to Jan Malach, he claimed victory in the April tournament, Stefano Catacoli getting strangled in the first round. “We have some unfinished business here,” he said during the postgame interview. “Sign the contract or lose your chance forever, boy,” he said to Pokorny.

Everything indicated that nothing was stopping the fight anymore, however, “Jubox” pointed out another problem. Rock refused to compete at 66 kilograms, instead he tried to negotiate 70, which of course Pokorný did not like. Even last week, he announced that the battle could fail on this very condition, but the official graphics show that he finally agreed with the weight.

Pokorný will have a practice boxing match with Jan Široký this evening as part of the CZ Fighters for Veterans event in support of the Military Solidarity Fund. The tournament will be broadcast by Czech Television.


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