National Basketball League playoffs set after conclusion of regular season


The regular season of the National Basketball League (LNB) came to an end and the 12 teams that continue in the race for the title were defined because they qualified for the playoffs. All matches are broadcast live through the Básquet Pass application. In addition, there are games that are also broadcast on television on TyC Sports and DSports and, consequently, through their digital platforms.

The leader of the standings was Quimsa from Santiago del Esterothe last champion, with a record of 32 wins and only six losses in 28 games. Córdoba Institute took second place with a 27-11 mark while Olympic Band he placed third with 25-13. Boca Juniors, with 24-14, moved into fourth place. These four teams advanced directly to the quarterfinals and will wait for a rival that will emerge from the reclassification, which will be played by the teams that finished between the fifth and 12th place. Those who will compete to be among the eight best are San Martín de Corrientes, Gimnasia de Comodoro Rivadavia, Oberá Tennis Club de Misiones, San Lorenzo, Regatas Corrientes, Platense, Obras Sanitarias and Peñarol de Mar del Plata.

Quimsa was the best team in the regular stage of the National League and will have home field advantage FIBA

The last in the classification, Argentino de Junín and Comunicaciones de Mercedes, will face each other in a best-of-five series to decide who stays in the top category. The Juninense team will have the home field advantage because they were placed second to last with a record of 11 wins and 27 losses. The Corrientes team, meanwhile, was the worst in the contest with just nine wins and 29 falls.

The rest of the clubs, that is, those located between positions 13 and 18, closed their participation in the contest: Ferro Carril Oeste, Riachuelo de La Rioja, Zárate Basket, La Unión de Formosa, Independiente de Oliva and Unión de Santa Fe.

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