Milan Baseball: A Tale of Two Matches on a Sunday Afternoon

The rossoblù woke up late in the morning and did not complete the comeback against the Piedmontese who prevailed 6-5. In the second match, however, Milan immediately dropped 5 points and went on to win clearly in the 7th minute 11-1. Cueto perfect for 5 innings (9 kappa) and an attack finally rediscovered with 20 hits in two games, including a triple by Marco Pasotto and two doubles by Ambrosioni

A Sunday with two faces. Asleep in the morning, unleashed in the afternoon. But the enthusiasm for the Manifesto victory in game two does not erase the bitterness for the first match thrown away by a team that repeated the mess and apathy of Verona for a long time, before waking up and coming close at least to a draw . In the end we have to put aside a 6-5 defeat and an 11-1 success.

Slow motion start, as we were saying, in game one even if Milan immediately took the lead despite not hitting a valid hit: error on Varalda, Andrea Pasotto hit, another Piedmontese error and a sacrifice fly by Garavaglia. The Seventh turns the situation around between 2′ and 3′ with two doubles from Lasaracina and Federico Calvo, but the rossoblù immediately equalize with a base from Torrellas, the first hit of the day from Marco Pasotto and another flight from Fraulini. In the 4th minute, however, the guests extended the lead to 5-3 on a two-out situation: base to Forte, single from Pinamendez, double from Giorgio Calvo and triple from Federico Calvo. In the 5th minute Dall’Agnese takes over Varalda and the player from Bergamo holds the Seventh scoreless for two innings, but then collects the 6-3 (base in Lasaracina and two hits by Moncion and Silva). In the 8th minute Milan finally woke up but it was too late, because the comeback stopped at 5-6 thanks to a double from Ambrosioni and three consecutive hits from Fraschetti, Andrea Pasotto and B Ancora. And in the 9th minute the last hopes died on a line from Capellano into the glove of the Turin pitcher.

In game two, however, everything changes because Randy Cueto finds himself again after the bad evening in Verona and nails the Seventh for 5 innings with 9 hits and only 3 hits conceded, while the attack is unleashed already in the first inning with the first 5 of the lime- up immediately at point: Varalda (base), Capellano (hit), Andrea Pasotto (hit), Ambrosioni (double) and Marco Pasotto (triple and home on error). It’s the start of a downhill match in which the Piedmontese never manage to worry the Cuban pitcher, while Milan extends in the 2nd minute with Ambrosioni on a pass from Garavaglia, in the 3rd minute with Samuele Pasotto and Varalda on a pass from Capellano and in the 4th minute with Garavaglia (another hit), to third on a hit by Samuele Pasotto and home on a missed ball. At 9-0 Polo, Cueto’s first relief concedes a point by conceding 3 hits, but the Milanese attack goes to mortgage the match with Garavaglia and Lo Monaco (both on base on balls) pushed home by the decisive hits of Samuele Pasotto, Fraschetti and Varalda. It’s 11-1 that Davide Pizzi, second reliever, calmly defends in the first half of the 7th minute.

Basically a clear victory and a missed opportunity, but at least we saw more play in attack with the Pasotto brothers both at 2 out of 5 (and a triple for Marco), followed by Varalda (3 out of 7), Fraschetti (3 out of 8), Ambrosioni (3 out of 9 with 2 doubles) and Garavaglia (2 out of 6), as well as Samuele Pasotto who closed the second match at 2 out of 3. In total 20 hits against the 18 from Piedmont and finally a game with zero errors after the usual 2 in the morning.

Next Sunday there is already a rematch in Settimo where we will make up for the first day of the first leg. We’ll see if Fraschetti’s boys have taken the Piedmontese’s measure or if the ups and downs will continue.


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