Martina-Casarano, playoffs: the right recognition for merit

Finished regular season of the Serie D championship, we start with the playoff play-offs. The paths of Martina and Casarano cross today at the stadium Tursiwhere they meet respectively second and fifth placed, in a straight match to guarantee the direct pass to access the final in seven days.

For over a week in Valle D’Itria there has been an air of great anticipation around this event and for all this much credit must certainly be given to the company, made up of people who, driven by love for these colors and this city, have taken over the team from lower categories, ferrying it to the present day, one step away from winning the championship and capable of slowly rekindling the enthusiasm of a place that, until a few years ago, seemed lost.

The spectators for special occasions are present in the stands of the stadium, with the Curva Nord sold out in every row of seats. The latter, during the entry of the teams onto the pitch, to the tune of the prancing horse anthem, will be the protagonist of a simple but successful choreography, hand-crafted by the boys from the North. Vocal cheering, on the other hand, is always characterized by great participation, such that at times it even drags the grandstand behind it.

Flags always flying, heavy blows and lots of color given by the torches and smoke bombs, the Curva boys do their duty very well, never lacking their support during all phases of the match. During the course of the match, confirming what was said previously, aware of the excellent work and sacrifices made in all these years, the Martinese fans wanted to pay homage to the club with three banners addressed to the presidents Soldano and Lacarbonara and to the sporting director Carrieri, underlined with great applause from the entire stadium.

On the other hand, the guest presence is very respectable, with the Casaran supporters arriving in bits and pieces, close to the opening whistle of the match. There will be around 250 ultras who, once they have sorted out their pieces and compacted themselves within the sector, will be able to create excellent support with a good following from the entire sector.

Even with the result against the team, the cheering from the guests will be quite continuous with good slaps, prolonged chants and some torches that give a worthy note of color to the match, which will not be missing in some chorus of protest against the club. During the match, many chants of teasing will be exchanged between the two sets of fans, but on the outside everything will go smoothly thanks to a rather impressive security service.

At the end of the ninety minutes, Martina will win the entire stake, thus rightfully entering the final, but no one in the stands has demerited, honoring this championship until the end.


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