Maikel García Extends Hitting Streak to Twelve Games in Royals’ Victory

Third baseman Maikel García (.269) reached twelve consecutive games hitting, in the Kansas City Royals’ 7-4 victory against the Tampa Bay Rays after eleven intense innings.

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The one from La Sabana, La Guaira state, collaborated in that episode of three lines with a simple tow of one.

In the end he went 2 for 5 with his 33rd RBI. He also had five home runs, thirteen immaculate steals and 31 runs scored.

After a weak start, in the last thirty games he has averaged .328 (125-41) with 22 runs scored, two home runs, nine walks, nine stolen bases and 19 RBIs: “I’m looking for better pitches when swinging.”

It should be noted that García is very studious about the pitchers he will face on a day-to-day basis: “The night before I watch videos of the starter that will be my turn. I see the arsenal he has, how they have pitched to me, what pitch he uses in such a count and so on other details…. Furthermore, and since 2022, when I go 0-for-3 in a game or fail in an important at-bat, I am always positive because in the eighth or ninth inning I will have another one.”

“They say that the second year is the most difficult in the Major Leagues, because the pitchers know you better, but you also know them. I do not believe in that. Notice that Ronald Acuña Jr. had a better second year (41 HR and 37 BR), my teammate Bobby Witt Jr. (30 HR and 49 BR) too,” said Maikel García before leaving for spring training in February.

And since the affectionately nicknamed “The Sweeper” is hitting, his second year promises to be first-rate.

Also playing for royalty were Salvador Pérez (.326), who went 1-for-5; Freddy Fermín (.305), who scored one as a pinch runner; and Ángel Zerpa (1.71), who in two thirds but allowed a hit and a walk, but nothing else

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