Luka Doncic Leads Mavericks to Victory in Western Finals Opener

The experience of Luka Doncic in a conference finals it existed, but it was limited. Short and happening (a couple of courses ago) still in maturity on the field. He Luka Doncic stepping on the court for the 2024 Western Finals is another. Key on both sides, incisive and decisive, breaking the equality and stealing the court factor (105-108) from the fashion team of the first month of the post-season in the NBA, the Minnesota Timberwolves. There is something in his DNA from his past. “When do you play so many years in Madrid and you win, it stays with you“explained the Slovenian.

When you play for so many years in Madrid and win, it stays with you

Luka Doncic

Doncic celebrates.

What was a very close match had Doncic as its unbalancing factor. Numerically (33 points (12/26 TC), 6 rebounds and 8 assists) he was the best and when he had the opportunity to win it he did not let the train pass. 19 points in the second half and the ball did not burn to win it. With two minutes left he read a poor recovery by Minnesota, stole the ball and went on the counterattack. Waiting in the corner was PJ Washington, who hit the triple and put Dallas in control (102-104, 46′).

It didn’t stay there. Minnesota made a move and after generating Mike Conley, tried to throw a deep pass. Doncic read how to hunt it and when stealing he hit the game again. In attack and with 50 seconds he would continue his exhibition. Chris Finch sent his great specialist, Jaden McDaniels, to press. He almost stole, but Doncic with a huge lateral step was able to set up a shot that went in. In the clutch, at the decisive moment.

Special players do special things… and not always on offense

Jason Kidd

The Wolves would have final free throws with practically no chance of turning it around, but, just in case, Doncic was also the one who took away their rebound final to win. The Slovenian was everywhere. “Special players do special things. And it doesn’t always happen on offense“explained Jason Kidd, Mavericks coach. “I wanted to win the game. I told myself that“added the Real Madrid youth player himself.

Doncic throws between rivals.

I wanted to win that game, I told myself

Luka Doncic

The galactic duo

Doncic left and Kyrie Irving accompanied. The duo that scares everyone multiplied in the first game of the Western final, Well, Irving also reached 30 points (4 rebounds and 5 assists) and his scoring always kept Dallas there. “We would have been down 20 if I didn’t score all those points,” Doncic confessed. Then he put the finishing touch to the Slovenian and remembered where he came from. “When you play for Real Madrid for so many years and win there, it stays with you. “Sometimes you remember those good moments when you triumphed,” Doncic confessed. “It’s fantastic, but it’s only one game, we have to come back here and play the same way, make shots and get another victory if possible. We can’t relax, we have to play with the same intensity,” said Doncic

They surpassed some Wolves without gunpowder in the final stretch and take a giant step. McDaniels (24) It was the best numbers in hand, Anthony Edwards (19+11) failed to dominate, and neither Towns (14+7) nor Gobert imposed their interior strength (12+7).

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