Is Vincent Kompany the Next Coach for Bayern Munich? A Look at the Speculation and Rumors

LOOK. Will Vincent Kompany become the new coach of Bayern Munich?

The German ‘Bild’ is extremely enthusiastic. Despite Burnley’s relegation, they explain in four points why he would be a good fit for the Rekordmeister. “First and foremost his playing philosophy. Kompany played under Guardiola at Man City for three years from 2016 to 2019 and he learned a lot from him. The Belgian represents the City coach’s total football: building up from the back, dominance, lots of movement, retreating full-backs and a goalkeeper who plays along. His method can work at Bayern. Because football in Munich is designed to be played based on possession. Moreover, fans (and bosses) crave the attractive Guardiola football of yesteryear. In addition, he always promotes young players, he comes across well and… not unimportant: he speaks good German.”

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Exactly the same sound at Sportschau. “You can see in everything that Guardiola is his teacher. He relies enormously on ball possession. At the beginning of this season, Burnley was even the team with the most ball possession in the entire Premier League: 66%.” At Sportschau they still see room for improvement. “In the past there has often been criticism of his defensive concept. It appears that this is not yet fully developed.”

The German football website Kicker is slightly more critical. “Kompany is a very surprising name, because he does not have the best sporting record. He was immediately relegated from the Premier League with Burnley, but he did so with convincing football. This was apparently also recognized in Munich. Although he was certainly not the first name on the list. Many big names have already declined the job.”

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The news comes as a big surprise in the British media. BBC Sport even calls it “a sensational development”. “From Burnley to Bayern, that would be a sensational story. Kompany’s stubbornness to stick to his style and numerous individual mistakes led to Burnley’s immediate relegation to the second tier. Yet they always had complete confidence in him. If you get the opportunity to coach one of the most prestigious clubs in the world, then the offer is too good to turn down.”

BBC about Kompany’s possible transfer. © BBC Sport

The Guardian is completely certain that Kompany will be on the bench in Munich next season. “The deal is as good as closed. Many people will raise their eyebrows that Kompany will get the opportunity to coach such a big club. There is also a feeling that the Belgian’s methods may be better suited to top-level clubs. Another advantage is that he already has experience of life in Germany having played for Hamburg during his hugely successful playing career.”

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“This is one of the biggest surprises of the season,” writes The Athletic. “Because you usually don’t look for a trainer at a club that has just been relegated, with barely 24 points. It is a surprise that a top club like Bayern is willing to take that risk. On the other hand, the Germans’ options appear to be gradually exhausted. Kompany is anything but plan A. He is more of plan J.”

But the medium understands why Bayern ends up with Kompany: “You cannot judge him for that one bad season in the Premier League. Vincent remains one of the most exciting talents in the coaching guild. He will have learned a lot from last season, time will tell how he deals with that difficult campaign. Because he certainly has the mentality needed to succeed. And he knows perfectly what it takes to win at the top level.”

Finally, Daily Mail calls the possible switch “a gamble for both parties”. “Bayern failed to win the Bundesliga this season for the first time since 2012, while the reputation that Kompany – already linked to Tottenham and Chelsea last year – had built up at Turf Moor took a major blow with a 19th place finish.”

Bayern Munich is convinced and is fully committed to Vincent Kompany: talks with Burnley are already underway

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