La Fusión Defeats Negro 93-80 in Exciting National League Showdown

La Fusión defeated Negro 93-80 and unleashed the party in Ciudad in the last game of the first phase of the National League.

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Quimsa won the duel between Santiago teams against Olimpico by 93 to 80 on the last date of the Regular Phase. Ramirez Barrios key with 27 points.

Romano opened the duel with a triple for the visitor, Quimsa started with Gallizzi near the rim. La Fusión failed in attack and a partial of 12 – 0 from Olympic with Romano and Hughes. After one minute, Ramella’s men scored with Robinson and Brussino. Olimpico lowered his field percentage and Robinson with five goals in a row matched history and even put the home team ahead 22/21.

Those led by Gatti scored from long distance with Pérez and Machuca. The duel continued stick by stick, Acevedo hurt the Bandeña defense, but Aguirre responded with two bombs. Doubles and fouls by Ramirez Barrios and Acevedo ended up sending Quimsa ahead at halftime by 49/44.

Robinson and Negrete opened the second half, a triple by Basaba extended the distance for the capital team. The U23s Negrete and Pérez closed the gap, with 10 minutes left in the Fusion 70/65 lead.

In the decisive quarter, a triple on each side moved the score in an erratic passage in three minutes. Olimpico got within range with Machuca and Hughes, but the American champion’s response did not take long to arrive with Ramirez Barrios and Gallizzi near the rival ring.

Robinson assisted Gallizzi for the double clutch with two minutes left, the duel between the Santiago teams was in the hands of the local team by 93/80 with a dunk by Gallizzi in the final seconds. Fabián Ramirez Barrios broke it with 27 points and was accompanied by Brandon Robinson with 17 and Tayavek Gallizzi with 16. On the Black side, 24 for Alex Negrete.

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