Keio Tominaga Reflects on NCAA Success and NBA Aspirations: An Exclusive Interview with NumberPREMIER

Keio Tominaga (23 years old) has completed his three years at the University of Nebraska in the US. He left a strong impact on the American college basketball world, leading his team to the NCAA Tournament, also known as March Madness. The NBA challenge, the Paris Olympics… Ahead of the summer when he takes a big step forward, Japan’s proud shooter reveals his current location and future. You can view the interview on the subscription service “NumberPREMIER”.

In March, Keio Tominaga was participating in the NCAA Tournament. The final battle of his career at the University of Nebraska took place at FedExForum, the home court of Yuta Watanabe’s Memphis Grizzlies.

Tominaga didn’t know it at the time, but Watanabe, who had been absent from games due to mental issues, had already decided to leave the NBA at the end of the season and return to Japan. At that time, the two did not meet in person in Memphis, but it was as if the paths of Tominaga, who was aiming to play in the NBA, and Watanabe, who had completed six seasons in the NBA, had crossed paths.

NumberPREMIER interviewed Tominaga three days after Watanabe announced on Instagram live (IG live) that he would play in Japan next season.

“I am the same way, and with these (Japanese players) aiming to play in the NBA, being able to take the lead and show that even Japanese people can do it is really good for Japanese basketball. I think it was a big deal for me. I really, really respect him because I was able to play in the NBA for six years and show him what I have to do if I want to be like him. The leadership skills were really amazing, and I learned a lot from that experience.”

2024-05-21 02:05:28
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