John Textor to Sell Majority Stake in Crystal Palace, Focus on Botafogo’s Success

John Textor to Sell Majority Stake in Crystal Palace, Focus on Botafogo’s Success

Gift of 90% of the actions of SAF (Football Public Limited Company) do Botafogothe entrepreneur John Textor announced, through his company, the Eagle Football Holdingwhat will look for a buyer for the stake it holds in Crystal Palace, from the Premier League. And in the statement, the American also mentioned his other teams, including Glorioso himself.

Textor owns a slice of 45% from the London club and made the decision to put it up for sale after failing to secure a majority stake in Palace. Its other clubs, such as Molenbeekfrom Belgium, Lyonfrom France, and Botafogohowever, they will continue under your command.

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When referring to the Brazilian club in the statement, the businessman stated that he had “resurrected it from bankruptcy”, as he bought the shares of SAF alvinegra with the team in Serie B do Brasileirão.

“Our collaborative model has led to considerable success at Olympique Lyonnais in France, where we quickly returned to the Europa League, and at Botafogo in Brazil, where we resurrected a historic club from bankruptcy in the 2nd division to fight for championships at the top of Serie A “, said Textor in an excerpt from the statement.


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Textor closed the purchase of Botafogo in the midst of the Series B dispute 2021, when the club was champion and returned to the national elite. In 2022the Glorious was 10° placed in Series A and fought until the end for a place in CONMEBOL Libertadores. Already in 2023the team led a good part of the Brasileirão, but lost the title to Palm treeshowever, secured themselves in the continental competition, where they have already qualified for the round of 16.

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