Israel, the cave and the joke of Eugenio’s hundred thousand Chinese

The joke is Eugenio’s, it was on one of those gas station cassette tapes and it’s this: “You know the one who said that there were a hundred thousand Chinese playing inside a telephone booth and at one point you heard: “Gooooooooool!” The doorman jumps up and says: “You’re leaving me alone, cony, you’re leaving me alone!”” It probably wouldn’t make it past today’s filters of political correctness, but it inevitably came to mind when I read the front page headline of theAbc: “The recognition of Palestine further isolates Sánchez”. Man, it would be good to remember that, by now, there are already 139 states that have done what Spain will do next week. And that Norway and Ireland have explained that they will also join the recognition. And that Slovenia, Malta, Luxembourg and Belgium are close to taking the step. Let’s see if it is Israel that is isolating itself internationally, with a policy that exceeds beyond all measure the response provided to the unjustifiable action perpetrated by Hamas in October. And, by extension, the newspaper that considers being with the majority to be an eccentric and lonely position. The legendary (and apocryphal) British headline “Snow in the Channel, the Continent is isolated” is very well: pure omphalocentrism, also known as melichism.

Obviously, theAbc he is not alone When Federico Jiménez Losantos, for example, says that “Sánchez becomes an international partner of the terrorists of Hamas” he can only support this statement by hiding from his audience the fact that the recognition of Palestine is divisive, yes, but that it counts with many supports, also within the framework of the European Union. It is bad journalism because it puts the opinion – decided in advance – on the facts. Defending your position with arguments is reasonable. Hiding its context, nuances and contradictions, no.

2024-05-23 12:22:19
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