Is Luka Doncic the European LeBron James? Paul Pierce Thinks So!

Is Luka Doncic the European LeBron James? Paul Pierce Thinks So!

By Mathieu S. | NBA Editor

Often considered unique when he arrived in the NBA, LeBron James has since had competition, especially when we look at players from recent years. And Paul Pierce thinks he has found his European equivalent.

As retirement slowly approaches for LeBron James, the latter should not bow out immediately. Shams Charania spoke of two more years for the King, just to enjoy a little more and why not play or face his son. It will also be an opportunity to compete against the best players, with the next generation already assured in the NBA.

LeBron James still compared to a star

Between Victor Wembanyama and Anthony Edwards who shines in the playoffs, the NBA already has great players for the next 10/15 years. But some Mavericks fans won’t appreciate forgetting Luka Doncic, who just reached the Western Conference Finals. Paul Pierce is one of them, he who dropped some compliments for the Slovenian.

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Paul Pierce on Luka Doncic : “He’s probably the European LeBron James with the way he scores, the way he passes, the way he grabs rebounds and how he controls that game. He’s less athletic than LeBron. »

A not-so-false description of Doncic, who has achieved great things in Dallas since his arrival. But can he take a step forward and allow his team to win the title? Let’s say that the next few years will be decisive.

maybe the first time Paul Pierce is right

rare success of Paul Pierce

Is Luka Doncic the European version of LeBron James? Yes for Paul Pierce and some supporters. We don’t know if the Slovenian will agree, but let’s say there are much worse comparisons.

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