European Football Championship: Yes, is this still Spain?

European Football Championship: Yes, is this still Spain?

You could be surprised in the 29th minute of the game. You could be astonished by this Spanish move, because Spain traditionally doesn’t do it very often: counterattack. After all, the prerequisite for a counterattack is that the opponent is playing and you are defending yourself. That you sometimes have to run for a long time without having the ball. And Spain, as has been one of the unshakable certainties of football for years, hates nothing more than not having the ball.

But Spain countered. And in an impressive, textbook manner. A high clearance from Marc Cucurella; then a cross pass from Rodri, who brought the ball back down to the ground in a single, technically fine movement and passed it on. Then a long, straight flat pass from Fabián into the path of Álvaro Morata. And suddenly there was an open Croatian defensive line in front of, no, now behind Morata:


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