Investing in Sports Facilities: As Pontes Awards Projects for Artificial Grass Field and Archery Facility

As Pontes awards works on the artificial grass field or the La Voz de Galicia archery facility for 332,000 euros

The Bridges


The City Council has also contracted the improvement of several tracks

15 May 2024. Updated at 05:00 a.m.

The construction of a covered gallery in the facilities of the archery range, in the town of As Veigas, for 211,000 euros, “it will prevent the evening light from affecting the visibility of the archers.” This is one of the works recently awarded by the local government board of As Pontes, charged to municipal funds. The nave, covered and closed, will serve as a warehouse for the target parapets and other tools, added from the Concello.

Another of the actions awarded is the execution of a covered bench for the Evaristo Puentes artificial grass fieldalso in the town of As Veigas, whose budget is 97.913 euros y responds «to the demand of the town’s sports clubs and spectators».

The local government board approved, on the other hand, the contracting of construction work improvement of roads in Cancelas, Poupariña, Esvedral, Penapurreira and Ramallal-Louseira, for about 23,000 euros, financed through the POS of the Provincial Council. It is planned to replace the current road course, clean the ditches or eliminate the vegetation that invades these tracks. In addition to a previous pothole patching “the road areas that are muddy.”

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