Inside the NBA: Cameron Brink Reveals Kawhi Leonard’s Funny Side

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By Pierre-Andréa Fraile | Sports journalist

A true phenomenon on the WNBA planet, Cameron Brink has already had the opportunity to rub shoulders with several NBA stars, including Kawhi Leonard. The Clippers winger also left a strong impression on her during their meeting which she ended up revealing.

Certainly less known and followed than the prodigy Caitlin Clark, she no less embodies the future of the WNBA. 2nd choice in the 2024 Draft, Cameron Brink seems destined for a brilliant career in the women’s league. A destiny which actually seemed already clear when she ruled the roost in the NCAA rackets with Stanford University. This put him in the spotlight very early on.

Cameron Brink Honest About Kawhi Leonard’s Behind-the-Scenes Attitude

Holder of a rare talent, Brink also has the particularity of being part of Stephen Curry’s circle of friends. Goddaughter of the Chef’s mother, she has always been able to benefit from the latter’s support, including during a funny FaceTime after his draft. However, this is not the only NBA star that she knows well, since she has already met a certain… Kawhi Leonard:

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Sponsored by New Balance since August 2023, the interior displays a common point with Leonard. Both quickly saw their paths cross as part of a shoot for the brand, which the young woman is not likely to forget soon. As part of a stint in the Podcast P by Paul George, she indeed returned to this experience by revealing the true nature of Kawhi:

Cameron Brink : The funniest part of this shoot was Kawhi. He’s f***ing funny! Seriously, he’s funny. In fact, the guys from New Balance told me, “We’ve never seen anyone make him laugh more than you.” » So Kawhi, if you’re watching this, I’m waiting to receive my flowers!

Failing to remember the words that pushed The Klaw to perform his robotic laugh, the Sparks nugget remembers those who amused her on his part:

Paul George : People don’t realize that Kawhi is one of the funniest human beings.

Cameron Brink : It’s clear ! He has a deadpan sense of humor. He kept saying, “When does this end?” » “When are we going home?” ” ” That’s it, it’s over ? » (Laughs)

Like many of Kawhi Leonard’s teammates, Cameron Brink makes the Clippers star one of the funniest people she’s ever met. Yet another testimony which gives credibility to the famous nickname of the Fun Guy.

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