Holiday between art and nature? Here is Saxony

Saxony is the perfect and not obvious destination for those looking a holiday between art and nature. In fact, the natural wonders of this region of Germany are in no way inferior to its artistic treasures. From north to south, enchanting landscapes provide the backdrop for adventurous excursions, enhanced by the pleasure of discovery, especially in the UNESCO region of the Ore Mountains.

Holiday between art and nature? Here is Saxony, the best excursions

Outdoor Saxony is inviting for hikers but also for cycle tourists, bikers and lovers of water sports.

The best nature hikes to do in Saxony

There are seven i hiking trails in Saxony certified “quality routes” from the brand “Hikable Germany Quality Trail“, which in addition to rewarding hikers with fantastic views, guarantee a high level of hiking pleasure and offer many intangible assets and interesting stimuli that they urge you to discover the history, art and culture of these places. Get ready now to lace up your trekking boots because after hearing about it you will really want to travel!

The area most affected by these paths is located south of Dresden, between the Ore Mountains region and Vogtland, then followed by Upper Lusatia and Saxon Switzerland. Walking in the “Montanregion Erzgebirge/Ore Mountains”, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for the rich presence of evidence of over 800 years of mining history, allows you to encounter cultural assets of great value, such as archaeological sites and finds, exhibitions, silver mines open to the public and to learn about the famous wooden craftsmanship.

In this bucolic setting the Kammweg trail which crosses the Ore Mountains and the Vogtland for over 285 kilometres, along a challenging route on the crest of Mount Ore. On the Saxon-Bohemian ridge, in the middle of nowhere, nature is still intact. Exciting wildlife, uncontaminated nature, breathtaking views in a surprisingly beautiful landscape have beneficial and relaxing effects on hikers. To cover the entire itinerary it takes more than 3 days but you can choose to follow only some stages.

Il Vogtland Panorama Trail it amazes on its own for over 228 kilometers with its more than 80 breathtaking panoramas and panoramic views. The largest brick bridge in the world, the Göltzschtalbrücke, is undoubtedly one of its most spectacular highlights. To travel the entire Vogtland Panorama Weg (239 km), the most convenient way is to take advantage of the “Excursions without luggage” travel offer.
Both of these two famous itineraries stop in the German Musicon Valley: the center of Vogtland called Musikwinkel (between the cities of Markneukirchen, Schöneck and Klingenthal), so called for the high concentration and variety of musical instrument production, unique in the world.

Anyone walking in the border triangle between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, in the south-eastern tip of Saxony along theUpper Lusatian Mountain Trail (113 km) become a mountaineer of long-extinct volcanoes (such as Valtenberg, Bieleboh, Kottmar or Lausche), alternating with granite ridges and characteristic sandstone mountains, where the villages with the famous half-timbered houses and refuges of mountain.

Moving then to the Saxon Switzerland National Park, considered one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in Europe, we find the Malerweg, the Romantic Painters’ Path which for 180 km crosses the sandstone mountains of Elba, presenting itself as highly evocative and romantic due to the rich presence of gorges, impressive sinuous peaks and bizarre and iconic rock formations. Particularly beautiful is taking the Saxon wine route along the Elbe Valley to Meissenin the midst of vineyards and historic and welcoming cellars, picturesque villages, panoramic points, museums, churches and castles.

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Monti Metalliferi in MTB

Mountain bike itineraries also lead to the discovery of the Ore Mountains heritage with impressive panoramas, unique rock formations, reservoirs, lush mountain meadows, woods, moors and idyllic streams. There Saxon BLOCKLINE offers 140 km of pure fun also suitable for families. To breathe a profound sense of freedom through boundless landscapes, you can choose three exciting long routes (over 50 km) or mini rings (20 km and more). The starting and finishing point of the Blockline is located in Holzhau. However, entry is possible at any point along the route. The closest cities are Dresden 45 minutes by car, Prague 90 minutes and Leipzig 1 hour 45 minutes.

Leipzig beaches: between relaxation and water sports

It couldn’t be missed among Saxony’s outdoor itineraries the Leipzig Lake District. It is surprising to discover that the city, already crossed by a dense network of canals, is also surrounded by more than 20 large lakes, all suitable for bathing, with clear and clean waters, where you can do any type of water sport such as canoeing, sailing, skating but also sailing on jet skis or motor boats. The Leipzig lakes are usually frequented by city dwellers looking for fun and entertainment on the weekend. Some of these are equipped with complete catering services and beaches with deckchairs and sun loungers. Furthermore, the lake district can be easily reached from the city center by public transport or by bicycle, via the green Leipzig cycle route.


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