high-level dogs trained in Gramat, in the Lot, for the Games

In Gramat, in the Lot, within the National Police Dog Training Center (CNICG), activity has been in full swing for several weeks now. In anticipation of a very busy summer for the security forces, in particular with the hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP), this structure, unique in France and which has existed since 1945, has intensified its training. In particular within the framework of Cynodex certification, an authorization issued to private security agents.

As the Olympics approached, at the start of the year, a controversy broke out, with the president of the Ile-de-France region, Valérie Pécresse, expressing concern about the lack of trained dogs. The Interior Ministry then promised that one hundred dogs would be certified by the Games.

“The number of dogs trained and the materials they are able to search for remain confidential, and we do not yet know the systems that will be put in place for the Olympic events,” explains Colonel Pascal Ségui, who has commanded the Gramat center since 2023.

Monument at the entrance to the National Dog Training Center of the Gramat Gendarmerie, May 14, 2024. It bears the center’s motto: “You, me for them”. ULRICH LEBEUF / MYOP POUR “LE MONDE” The Garden of Remembrance hosts several stelae in tribute to missing dogs, here the dog Gamin who died on a mission. National Dog Training Center of the Gramat Gendarmerie, May 14, 2024. ULRICH LEBEUF / MYOP POUR “LE MONDE”

When the Olympic flame arrived in Marseille on May 8, eighty dog ​​teams from the national police and gendarmerie were mobilized. In collaboration with the deminers, they checked all the boats in the Old Port. Among them were a number of dogs passed through Gramat.

Around 100 dogs trained per year, 300 to 350 trainees

“Intelligent, loyal, rustic”. But also obedient, very playful, faithful, a bit aggressive. These are, in the canine category, the qualities required to participate in next summer’s events, including the Olympic fortnight. And at Gramat this is what we focus on in terms of training.

Malinois, German shepherds, Dutch shepherds, Saint-Hubert dogs or English springers are there “recruited”then raised, to form a pair with a dog owner, who will spend up to eight years of life together. “We must train these pairs who will be able to intervene in the search for narcotics, during demonstrations, during searches for missing people, but also to detect explosives on a moving person, a technique that appeared in 2015 », explains Pascal Ségui.

Training session for searching for explosives, at the National Dog Training Center of the Gramat Gendarmerie, May 14, 2024. ULRICH LEBEUF / MYOP POUR “LE MONDE”

With a staff of 85 people (60% military, 40% civilians), including around twenty trainer-instructors, the center trains around 100 dogs per year and receives between 300 and 350 trainees from the ranks of the national gendarmerie, of the army or SNCF rail security agents.

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