Today, 19 May 2024, an interregional competition was held between archers registered with “Fitarco” in the Enaip outdoor field. People from different categories participated, including boys. The field is located near the Decimomannu train station and near 8 paglioni for winter competitions and training.

For each category there is a different shooting distance, from 25 to 70 meters. They all had professional Olympic bows and great experience which led them to also try the longest shooting distance, 70 metres. Normally there are competitions, on weekends and holidays, organized by the local association where they are held. In the winter they are indoors with short shooting distances, such as 18 and 25 meters and in the summer they are outdoors, especially in the countryside, with all distances, long and short.

There are also 3D ones, where you have to hit a real three-dimensional figure which is then colored to give a more realistic look. It is made of a high intensity foam so that the arrows stick without piercing the figure. Generally it represents an animal, as if it were a hunting simulation and obviously the bigger the animal the further away it will be. The audience can chat but without making too much noise, an archer needs absolute silence to concentrate and to make his opponent concentrate.

Today’s competition was organized by the president of the “Ichnos” sports association Efisio Mereu, a 56-year-old who founded it in 2002 and began practicing archery in 1995.

Federico Manca


Federico Manca, 11 years old, student
2024-05-19 10:23:25
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