Giant brawl during a football tournament in Créteil

Police reinforcements converged on site from across the department. This Sunday at the end of the afternoon, a giant brawl involving between 250 and 350 people broke out at the Dominique-Duvauchelle stadium in Créteil (Val-de-Marne).

Several dozen people invaded the field, according to the first information collected, and began to fight among themselves as part of a tournament. The teams would come from various districts of Val-de-Marne and also from Seine-et-Marne. Mortar fire was observed on site.

No arrests

According to our information, more than 350 people were kept on site by police personnel, including personnel from the anti-crime brigade, security companies and interventionists to try to restore calm before dispersing the individuals. No arrests took place.

At this point, we do not know if any participants and police officers were injured. The town hall did not seem to be aware of this sporting event but “an elected official went there urgently”, indicate several sources.

This stadium, which has already hosted the National Neighborhood Cup, in July 2022, must host a fan zone and the passing of the Olympic flame, on one of its secondary fields at the foot of the Maison du handball.


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