Florian Wirtz’s Future at Bayer Leverkusen Uncertain Despite Contract Extension Until 2027

During Bayer’s double celebrations on Sunday, Wirtz was asked by a reporter on the BILD SPORT program on WELT TV whether he would stay in Leverkusen next season.

Wirtz hesitated briefly at first and then replied: “I can’t tell you anything now.” As he walked on, the German international added: “You know my contract.”

That contract in Leverkusen is dated until 2027. Nevertheless, Wirtz is being chased by numerous top European clubs, including Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich, who are repeatedly mentioned as interested parties.

Wirtz’s ambiguous statement comes as a surprise, as it had already been communicated quite clearly several times that the 21-year-old’s short-term future would remain at Bayer 04. “Florian has a contract in Leverkusen until 2027. That will roughly be the amount of time he will spend in Leverkusen,” said Wirtz’s father and advisor Hans-Joachim Wirtz in March. “We should wait and see where the path leads over the next two years.”

According to Bild, nothing has changed in this plan. Wirtz will continue to play for Leverkusen at least next season.

2024-05-26 16:59:00
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