Draymond Green’s Future with the Warriors: From Court to Coach?

Draymond Green’s Future with the Warriors: From Court to Coach?

A page will be turned the day Steve Kerr no longer officiates on the Warriors bench. One thing is sure, Draymond Greenhistorical framework of the dynasty led by the coach, will not take over from him.

According to California Interior, this hypothesis has been raised in the past by the franchise owner. “ I’m honored by the conversations I’ve had with Joe Lacob over the years, him saying, ‘When you’re done, I can see you coaching this team one day, when Steve’s done, I can see you working with this team . I would like to see that’ », rapporte Draymond Green.

The latter adds that this kind of scenario imagined by the owner represents a lot for him. “ Because that means the man who owns the organization I play for watches me play basketball and thinks, this guy (his) could one day coach my team », continues the interior.

A recognized vocal leader

Beyond the strict game, Joe Lacob also has the opportunity to see his inner self at work when it comes to communicating with his teammates. “ Given his work on the field, during downtime, in training, during video sessions, he is almost irreplaceable. He is undoubtedly the best I have seen in this field, the best I have been around », said Mike Brown for example in 2017.

Except that despite these praises, this experience does not (yet?) really tempt the person concerned, who had never expressed himself on the subject until now.

« I am not interested in either of these two functions at the moment, whether at the “front office” or coaching level. The reason I have no interest in either is because basketball regulates my entire life. And the reality is, as special as it is, you’re missing out on so much », Judges the 34-year-old player.

We imagine that he is referring to the distance caused by his obligations as a professional basketball player, which prevent him from being with his children more often.

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