Como in Serie A, Fabregas on Sky: ‘A masterpiece, I would like to stay here’

Celebratory day, in the Sky Sport24 studios for the feat of Como, fresh from promotion to Serie A after 21 years. Guest coach Cesc Fabregas: “We created a masterpiece, we changed our mentality, we thought the dream could become reality, and so it did. I’m very proud of the boys. I hope to stay here in Serie A, I feel at home.”


The celebrations for Como’s return to Serie A continue. Some protagonists arrived at the Sky studios to talk about the ride that brought the Como team back to the top flight after 21 years. Among these also the coach Cesc Fabregas: “Seeing the images of the party makes me happy, Como has suffered a lot in the last 20 years, but now an owner has arrived who believes in it and has done things in the right way and with seriousness. Of course , we should have won against Cosenza, but we still produced a masterpiece: we changed our mentality, we thought the dream could become reality, and so it did.” Fabregas arrived in Como last year as a player and then decided to stop to dedicate himself to the role of coach: “I would have liked to play one more year, but I felt ready to look ahead and take over the reins of this project. Knowing the locker room was certainly an excellent starting point, even if clearly the relationship has changed a bit, I was no longer their friend but their coach. Finishing seventh, eighth, would already have been a dream, but we knew it would have been possible win the championship. We worked on many tactical options, we grew.”

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Fabregas: “I would like to stay here. I feel at home”

Fabregas also mentioned his future: “I would like to stay. I feel at home here, but let’s see. I think we will have news in one or two weeks. I’m very happy here”. Como’s ownership is the richest in Italy and beyond, the fans have just stopped celebrating and are already dreaming of great players for the next championship: “We have to work and make a strong team, we want to stay in Serie A. I want to win, we are not here to play so as not to win. Then we’ll see where we get to at the end of the championship. The technical quality will be even higher, we should defend better and manage the ball better, we will need to grow to understand what we want to do in the future. It will take personality to face anyone head on; and face very strong coaches it will be a very important test for me

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