Carlo Ancelotti’s Success at Real Madrid: The Nepotism Behind the La Liga Victory – Carlo Ancelotti achieved success by bringing Real Madrid to La Liga champions for the 2023/2024 season. So, what’s interesting is that Ancelotti won with the help of his family and those closest to him in the coaching team.

Real Madrid will appear extraordinary in the 2023/2024 season. So far, apart from the defeat in the Copa del Rey which occurred in extra time, Real Madrid have only lost once in all competitions during normal time.

Madrid locked the La Liga title in Week 34, after winning against Cadiz and Barcelona losing to Girona. One week later, Nacho Fernandez and colleagues qualified for the Champions League final after eliminating Man City.

Real Madrid players get a lot of credit for these two successful tracks. Don’t forget, Ancelotti has once again received recognition for his greatness. So, what kind of nepotism did Ancelotti do at Real Madrid?

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Ancelotti’s son and in-laws at Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti and Real Madrid players celebrate victory over Bayern Munich in the 2023/2024 Champions League, Thursday (9/5/2024) early morning WIB. (c) AP Photo/Jose Breton

Ancelotti was appointed as Real Madrid coach in July 2021. This is the second term that a man from Italy has been appointed as Madrid coach. Previously, he was Madrid coach from 2013 to 2015.

Ancelotti did not come to Real Madrid alone. Ancelotti brought a carriage. He brought in people who had previously worked with him at Everton.

One of the names in Ancelotti’s carriage is Davide Ancelotti. A familiar name. Davide is Ancelotti’s biological son. He has been part of Ancelotti’s coaching team since he was still working at PSG.

Apart from his children, Ancelotti also brought his son-in-law, Mino Fulco, to Real Madrid. Mino Fulco married Ancelotti’s daughter, Katia. Mino Fulco works as a nutritionist. He has followed Ancelotti’s career since he was at Real Madrid in 2013.

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Another Ancelotti Carriage

The Real Madrid squad shows off the 2023/24 La Liga trophy to its supporters at the Plaza de Cibeles, Sunday (12/05/2024). (c)

Apart from the two names above, Carlo Ancelotti also placed other trusted people at Real Madrid. There are the names Simone Montanaro and Francesco Mauri who were also part of Ancelotti’s coaching team at Everton.

Montanaro works as an analyst. He has been part of Ancelotti’s coaching team since joining Napoli in 2019. Meanwhile, Francesco Mauri was included in Ancelotti’s coaching staff at Real Madrid in 2013.

Francesco Mauri is the son of Giovanni Mauri. Well, there is a very close relationship between Ancelotti and Giovanni. They have worked together at Parma, AC Milan, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich.

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