BTS Friday, match Saturday… the funny weekend spent by three Toulouse residents

Mathis Castro-Ferreira, young third row from Stade Toulousain. Norbert Scanella / Panoramic

LE SCAN SPORT – This Saturday, Stade Toulousain won on the Montpellier pitch (22-29). In the ranks of the reigning French champions, three young players who took their BTS the day before.

Like Warren Zaire-Emery forced to postpone his baccalaureate date to compete in the Euro (June 14-July 14), three young players from Stade Toulousain experienced a fairly similar situation. Summoned for Saturday’s match against Montpellier – won by Toulouse (22-29) – Mathis Castro-Ferreira, Clément Sentubery and Benjamin Bertrand did not have time to rest from their exam the day before.

In fact, the latter passed their BTS in operational sales management on Friday. “We haven’t been able to train all week, just a little touch on Tuesday morningconfided the young third-row wing Clément Sentubery. Obviously, at the beginning it was complicated to get into it.”

“I hope they were as brilliant in their studies as they were this afternoon”

Laurent Thuéry, assistant coach of Stade Toulousain

Which did not prevent the three Toulouse Hopes from showing their advantage, like Castro-Ferreira, author of two tries. “I hope they were as brilliant in their studies as they were this afternoon,” congratulated them the Stade assistant coach, Laurent Thuéry.


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