Analyzing Potential Replacements for Xavi Hernandez at FC Barcelona: Insights from Artificial Intelligence

The coach of FC Barcelona, Xavi Hernandezhe announced alongside the president John Laporta A few weeks ago he would continue leading the team despite having announced a few months ago that he would leave office at the end of the season. Even so, the last few days have been somewhat turbulent informationally speaking because the technician’s future seems not to be assured. For all this, consulting artificial intelligence for the ideal replacement for Xavi Hernández on the Barça bench in the event that the Egarense leaves, the results offered by ChatGPT provide several names of recognized weight in the world of football.

To the question of “Who should be the future coach of FC Barcelona if Xavi leaves”, the AI ​​assures that the five candidates would be “Rafa Márquez, Thiago Motta, Julen Lopetegui, Hansi Flick and Mikel Arteta”.

The conclusion drawn by the AI ​​is that Mikel Arteta could be the most promising option if Xavi leaves due to his knowledge of Barça’s playing style, acquired under Guardiola, and his recent success in transforming Arsenal. However, Hansi Flick also presents a highly competitive profile with experience and proven success at a top club like Bayern Munich.

Of all of them, the AI ​​provides the following list of pros and cons for them to be Barça’s coach if Xavi ends up leaving.

“1. Rafa Marquez


Direct connection with the club and knowledge of its philosophy.

Experience at Barça Atlètic, which facilitates the transition and integration of young talents.

Support from president Joan Laporta.


Lack of experience as a coach in first division teams.

He can be a risky choice due to his relative inexperience in handling high-level equipment.

2. Thiago Motta


Good performance with Bologna in Serie A, showing tactical and management skills.

Experience as a Barça player, giving you a deep understanding of the club’s style and culture.


Despite his success in Italy, his coaching experience is still limited compared to other candidates.

He could face challenges adapting to the pressure of a club of Barcelona’s magnitude.

3. Hansi Flick


Extensive experience and success at Bayern Munich, including winning the Champions League.

Known for his ability to manage teams with high expectations and for his tactical ability.


Expensive in salary and negotiation terms, especially considering Barcelona’s financial context.

Without experience outside of Germany, which could be an obstacle in adapting to Spanish football.

4. Mikel Arteta


Experience working under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola, which gives him a deep understanding of the style of play that Barça appreciates.

Success in the transformation of Arsenal, showing tactical and leadership skills.


He currently has a contract with Arsenal, which could complicate his signing.

Relatively young and inexperienced compared to other candidates, although he has shown great potential.

5. Julen Lopetegui


Extensive experience in high-level teams, including the Spanish National Team and Real Madrid.

In-depth knowledge of Spanish football and a solid career as a coach.


His past with Real Madrid could be an obstacle in terms of acceptance by Barcelona fans.

“Mixed results in his career, with some ups and downs that could raise doubts about his ability to lead the Barça project in the long term.”

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