Adamo is much better after his discomfort: “I wasn’t of much use while I wasn’t singing”

“Salvatore Adamo is the first artist I imitated”: Patrick Sébastien is back on the Belgian stage with his new show

“I had pulmonary edema, due to stress, fatigue… It took me a little over six months to recover,” confides the singer for RTL France. Adamo must therefore be careful. Especially since this is not the first time that he has had health problems. “I still had a heart attack at 40, so it leaves small after-effects. Of course, having pulmonary edema could affect my heart, which is why it was important for me to get some rest.”

Important rest for a speedy recovery. Even if he admits to having been plagued by doubts during this period. “I was scared because I had some chest pain and I stayed in the hospital for a week,” he continues.

Obviously, his music and people missed him. But he doesn’t want to do anything crazy anymore. “I doubted for a while. I felt like I wasn’t of much use while I wasn’t singing.”

Salvatore Adamo gives his news: “Don’t worry, I can still sing. I have already recorded some of the vocals for my new album”

Through hard work and desire, Adamo rediscovered his talent and his faith in music. “At home, I was rehearsing, I was singing on orchestral playbacks and then I felt that the breath was not there. That’s what worried me a little. But little by little, thanks to good physiotherapy, gymnastics and walking, I cycled a lot and it came back. My last three concerts, I lasted 2h20. I’m happy with myself, but I won’t overdo it. I promised it to those who love me.”

At 80, Adamo therefore put a coin back in the jukebox. If saying goodbye on stage tickles his brain, above all he wants to take advantage of several more years to give pleasure to his audience… without making the year too long. “I rely on those around me. Because at some point, even if I think I’m still fit, my walk or my voice will make me painful to listen to or see. This is where I rely on my friends, but I hope it comes to me as late as possible. Of course I will miss it, like I missed the last six months.”

Good news never comes alone, the Belgian singer also confided that he had taken the time to write a new album. “Medlars and Gooseberries” will be released in October.


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