The Mexican compound archer, Maya Becerra Arizaga, won her first individual medal in a World Archery World Cup Series, winning silver this Saturday in the Shanghai 2024 edition.

In a decisive duel, the Jalisco player tied 146-146 against the Indian Jyothi Vennam, third in the world ranking, so the title had to be defined by a golden arrow. Both goalkeepers shot for a sudden death rating of nine; However, the Asian’s shot was closer to the center of the target and earned her the title.

To qualify for the grand final, the current world runner-up defeated the American Alexis Ruiz 147-146, who won the bronze medal after beating Meeri Paas, from Estonia, 145-141.

Becerra Arizaga was close to reaching two podiums, as he teamed up with Máximo Méndez Ortiz in the mixed team bronze clash, in which they fell agonizingly 158-158 (19-20) against the Americans Olivia Dean and Kris Schaff.

For this Sunday, the legion of Aztec archers will conclude their participation in the contest with the duel for bronze between Alejandra Valencia Trujillo and Matías Grande Kalionchiz against the Indians Ankita Bhakat and Dhiraj Bommadevara.

2024-04-27 16:58:29
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