It’s a semi-final, but the winner will be the big winner!

The play-offs for promotion to the BBL are currently underway in the 2nd Basketball Bundesliga (ProA). Two teams can go up – but of the remaining four clubs, only two have applied for and received a license for the upper house.

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And these teams are now playing against each other: the Römerstrom Gladiators Trier (first after the regular season) and the Fraport Skyliners from Frankfurt (4th place).

The Frankfurt team surprisingly won the first game on Friday 72:70.

Shortly after the end of the game, there were wild scenes in front of 5,126 spectators!

Frankfurt coach Denis Wucherer (51) wanted to walk to the Trier bench for the traditional handshake when Gladiators support player Marcus Graves (27) suddenly pushed him aside. An absurdity in basketball!

Tempers quickly heated up, followed by pack formations, scuffles and insults from the audience.

Totally right in the middle! Wild scuffle at promotion cracker

Frankfurt-Profi Marco Völler (35), son of Rudi Völler (64/sitting in the hall), was in the middle of it all and tried to calm his angry teammates.

Didn’t work for everyone. Center Ife Ajay (27) clapped mockingly towards the audience. Cameron Henry and David Muenkat exchanged words with some fans. They even wanted to physically attack the two Frankfurters, but were prevented from doing so by hall security.

The management of the ProA reacted to the dispute with penalties.

Wow action! Miracle throw from World Cup hero

Source: DYN MEDIA 19.05.2024

Graves was suspended for the second game on Sunday (4 p.m.) because of a “minor serious assault” against Wucherer, and Muenkat was even suspended for two games. Reason: “He behaved in an unsportsmanlike manner several times through his provocations and committed physical violence in a dispute with the Trier fans when leaving the hall.”

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In addition, two Frankfurt players and usurers as well as a Trier professional have to pay fines. According to BILD information, these are between 200 and 750 euros.

The Skyliners have appealed the penalties. Also because some Frankfurt players were said to have been racially insulted.

Yannik Binas, Managing Director of Fraport Skyliners: “We believe the verdict and ban for David Muenkat are wrong. He is suspended for an act of violence that, as the available video footage shows, he did not commit. We will therefore appeal with the aim of having the decision overturned and having David available to us if possible today, at the latest on Wednesday. We discussed with our boys the provocative gestures made by our players towards the Trier supporters after the game. However, our players were racially insulted with monkey noises from the stands. It’s clear to us as a club that we don’t want to see scenes like the one after the game in Trier. The performance on the pitch should be discussed.”

Over 4,000 spectators are expected for Game 2 on Sunday, including around 500 from Trier.

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