The season at FC Bayern is over – but behind the scenes it’s now going into extra time! Although the non-national players are on vacation for now, the club bosses have to serve detention because of the ongoing embarrassment in the continued unsuccessful search for a coach.

The situation on Säbener Strasse was discussed in detail – sometimes even heatedly – on Sunday morning (May 19, 2024) in the “double pass” on Sport1. Stefan Effenberg (55) had a surprising thesis ready during the debate about the effects of the coaching vacancy in Munich.

Stefan Effenberg contradicts Bayern Star’s advisor

The panel of experts discussed not only the mistakes and omissions of Bayern’s management, but also the impact on squad planning for 2024/2025 – and possibly even beyond!

Ultimately, FC Bayern wants to attack again in all competitions in the coming season after the titleless season and put together a squad that should dominate the Bundesliga again for years to come. However, it is questionable to what extent this project is currently being slowed down.

The agent for left-back Alphonso Davies (23) had recently expressed what is often feared in Munich: Without certainty in the coaching chair, there is inevitably restraint on the transfer front. And even extensions of existing contracts are on hold.

“It is a very important contract in Alphonso’s career and we are supposed to make the decision – without knowing who the coach will be next season or what the team looks like,” Nick Huoseh complained at the end of March. But for Effenberg it’s just an excuse.

“Everyone has driven at 1.07 per mille.”

The best sayings from Stefan Effenberg

In the “one-two” he made a surprisingly clear statement, assuring: “Now I have to get into it: A player who signs a contract – the color of the club and the club are important to him.”

When moderator Florian König (56) asked whether the players and “Effe” in his own time “didn’t care” about the coach when choosing a club, he answered unequivocally: “Yes, of course! After four months the coach is gone. You don’t have that guarantee as a coach anyway.”

There was encouragement from ex-national striker Patrick Helmes (40), who emphasized: “The ‘Effe’ is right. For the footballer himself, the coach is really secondary. You choose the club.” For the seriously ailing sports boss Max Eberl (50), this realization is a positive aspect in his desperate search for a coach – but probably only a very small consolation.

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