Retired basketball star Dwyane Wade hopes to make the most of every day in his life after his professional career.

“I am a young male,” he stated. “I do not desire.”
No matter how much I desire it, success will not simply materialize. It requires consistent effort and determination every day.

After an outstanding 16-year career in the NBA, Dwyane Wade retired in 2019, having dedicated more than half of his life to the sport of basketball.
Wade enjoys juggling multiple tasks as it keeps him alert and focused. He shared with Make It that he strives to avoid becoming complacent.Dwyane Wade

“Wade states to CNBC Make It that although it was a lengthy period, that time has now concluded and I am moving on to the following one. That is my perspective on life.”

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The former athlete, who recently spoke with CNBC Make It to promote a collaboration with Google Workspace, is fully embracing his current stage in life. He is juggling various endeavors such as team ownership, television appearances, running an entertainment business, and authoring books.

He approaches his endeavors in the same manner as he did his athletic career, through hard work and allowing the outcomes to speak for themselves.

Wade’s continuous effort to fully engage in each present moment is what enabled him to have a successful career with 13 All-Star appearances and an NBA scoring title.

Wade expresses his strong belief in the importance of seconds, minutes, and hours. He also believes in taking necessary steps towards achieving his goals. He acknowledges that simply wishing for something will not make it happen; consistent effort must be put in every day.

As a former player, Wade no longer measures his progress in points and rebounds. Instead, his new approach is to “maximize each day.” This entails setting daily goals and working towards achieving them.

“I am currently engaged in activities that may not be visible to others. They tend to only witness my successes,” states Wade. “As an athlete and as a businessman, I comprehend this concept. There are numerous days where no one acknowledges your efforts and you continue to grind.”

The person states, “My goal was to become an exceptional athlete, and I dedicated time and effort towards achieving it. Now, I need to also learn how to equally invest time and effort into becoming a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and community leader.”

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