Where will Thiago Silva play next season? One thing is certain, not at Chelsea, since the departure of the experienced Brazilian defender, at the end of his contract, has been confirmed. A return home? One last European adventure? An adventure in Saudi Arabia? The MLS? There is no doubt that he will be overwhelmed by the proposals in the coming weeks, he who has shown that he is still at the level despite his 39 years.

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While he should say goodbye to the Blues this afternoon against Bournemouth, on the last day of the Premier League, he gave a big interview to Sky Sports. And he didn’t hesitate to tackle his teammates. “I know what it means to wear this jersey. If I have one message to send to the guys, it’s that I hope they understand that everything they’ve done to be at Chelsea must be worth it.”he first said.

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He puts pressure on his teammates

“The season we are having is not worthy of Chelsea. I think the players are going to have to do better next year, they have to do better. If we look at the matches, the supporters have never abandoned us, ever. We’re eighth, or ninth, right? The fans have always been there. Elsewhere, they would have thrown stones at us, we know that happens. The players must know that Chelsea must fight for the top positions”added the Brazilian.

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“If we put our ego aside and put it in favor of the team, I think it will work. Otherwise, the situation will unfortunately not change”, concluded the former Paris Saint-Germain captain, warning his partners for next season. There is no doubt that, from his future destination, Thiago Silva will follow the performances of his former teammates very closely…

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