The recent suspension of the Burundian Basketball Federation (Febabu) by the International Basketball Federation (Fiba) has shaken the Burundian sporting landscape. This decision follows a series of alleged violations of Fiba rules, notably during the participation of Dynamo BBC in the Basketball Africa League (BAL).

The saga began on March 9, 2024 when Febabu requested a waiver to allow Dynamo BBC to play in the BAL without displaying the sponsor “Visit Rwanda” on their jerseys. Despite repeated warnings, the club was disqualified for refusing to wear official uniforms. Which thus triggered a Fiba disciplinary procedure.

In its response of April 20, 2024, Febabu admitted the facts. She was then held responsible for violations of the rules of the game. However, she argued that her actions were not intentional to tarnish the image of Fiba or basketball. In the meantime, the resignation of the president of Febabu, Jean-Paul Manirakiza, took place.

At its meeting on April 25, 2024, the Fiba Central Council decided to suspend Febabu’s membership for a period of one month, in addition to imposing a fine of 50,000 Swiss francs on the Federation.

In response to the recent Fiba sanctions, the new president of Febabu Claver Hacimana stressed the importance of mobilizing resources to pay the fine imposed. “Yesterday we received notification from Fiba regarding the one-month suspension and the fine of 50,000 Swiss francs. We intend to reach out to the partners of the Federation and other charitable souls, in particular basketball fans, to be able to reimburse the fine that was imposed on us. »did he declare.

He adds that the sanction of suspension of Febabu by Fiba has already expired.
Regarding restoring confidence in Burundian basketball, Mr. Hacimana announced initiatives aimed at relaunching the game locally and internationally. “We have already decided to restart the game and we will start the Viva Basketball League (VB) this May 18, 2024. We believe that the image of the Federation and the image of basketball will in any case be good not only at local level but also at the level of the international community”he hoped.

Asked about lessons learned from this experience and steps to be taken to avoid such situations in the future, he emphasized the importance of experience in resolving problems. “Every time we encounter a problem, we find a solution. And there, at the finish, that’s precisely the experience. We believe that at the next opportunity, the situation will not happen again because it was the result of a lack of collaboration between the leaders of the federation and the club that represented Burundi at the BAL,” he indicated.

Regarding the future prospects of Burundian basketball, he expressed his confidence in the resumption of play and the return to normal. “We will continue the talks, the contacts with the Fiba authorities. We think that before long, we will still be able to return to the level of basketball we were at before the sanctions. »

Hacimana conveyed a message of optimism to basketball fans, coaches and the Burundian sports community, highlighting Febabu’s resolve to overcome challenges and restore confidence in sport: “We firmly believe in the future of Burundian basketball. We are determined to rebuild and revitalize sport in our country. We seek the support and commitment of all stakeholders to ensure a bright future for basketball in Burundi. »he concluded.

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