30th Anniversary Celebration of Martial Arts: Night of Restoration Held at Libreville Sports Palace

Even if certain areas of the stands of the Libreville Sports Palace sounded a little hollow last Friday evening, the Great Night of Martial Arts, which celebrated its 30th anniversary called “Restoration Night”, took place in cheerfulness.

Martial disciplines such as traditional wrestling, karate do, judo, kick boxing, taekwondo, boxing, kung fu wushu, hapkido and shaolin kung fu took part. Without forgetting the artists of the Cirque de l’Équateur as well as the national bodybuilders.

Certainly the “Night of Restoration” was celebrated with joy. But the organizers failed in terms of respecting the timing. Hence the disappointment of several spectators.

The catering so praised by the organizers is not an empty word. They must also change the way they do things while respecting set schedules. Because they must not forget that there is still a curfew in our country“, lamented a spectator.

Scheduled for 7:30 p.m., the event did not begin until 8:58 p.m. with the parade of all disciplines. Fortunately, previously, the artists from the Cirque de l’Équateur, in particular, were there to brighten up the audience.

Which, visibly tired, had to cut short the late speech of the promoter of the Great Night of Martial Arts, Me Manvoumbi Mombo Wapatcha (7th dan), who dwelt on the virtues that sport provides.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of this evening, marked by the demonstrations of each participating discipline, was the performance of the taekwondoists from the Andalus club in Tangier, Morocco.

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