Zeeyad Oozeeraully Resigns from Mauritius Archery Federation Amid Misconduct Allegations

Zeeyad Oozeeraully preferred to resign than to be heard by a disciplinary committee.

Zeeyad Oozeeraully is no longer president of the Mauritius Archery Federation (FMTA). He was forced to resign after he was found guilty of serious misconduct. It is Yousouf Bayjoo who occupied the vice-president, who is acting in the interim until the next elective general assembly (EGM) scheduled after the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The secretary-general of the FMTA, Ian Subramanien, confirmed the news to us. “Indeed, Zeeyad Oozeeraully is no longer president of the federation. It was following a damning report from World Archery that he submitted his resignation.he said.

It happens to be during the 8th Fazza Para Archery World Ranking Tournament held in Dubai from March 2 to 7 that the former president committed “a serious fault”. He accompanied Ravindra Bookun who was participating in this disabled archery tournament. “The technical delegate of the competition carried out an investigation and then removed Zeeyad Oozeeraully’s accreditation and placed him in a hotel which was not one of those selected to house the delegations. Then the FMTA received a detailed report on the entire matter with irrefutable evidence. We therefore confronted Zeeyad with the contents of the report. According to the procedure, a disciplinary committee should have been set up and Zeeyad summoned but he preferred to submit his resignation.explains Ian Subramanien.

He adds that the former president “will no longer have anything to do with the FMTA and archery”. He also distanced himself from Moka Rangers Sports Club where he acted as coach. “The FMTA cannot tolerate such behavior. We respect the Olympic values ​​and the safeguarding & protecting procedures of World Archery. We will ensure that all affiliated clubs respect them.

And to add, “Mauritius is recognized as a country with archery potential in Africa. We had four medals including two gold at the African Championships in Tunisia last year. We don’t want our image to be tarnished by anyone. We are very strict on this. In any case, what happened is very regrettable, especially since the elite of African archery were present at this tournament in Dubai.says Ian Subramanien again.

The secretary general of the FMTA assures, however, that despite these turmoil the development work that has been started will continue.

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