But do we really deserve the fifth team in the Champions League?

The new format of Champions League, which will debut next season, is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics of recent weeks. It will become the top European competition a sort of big championship, given that all the qualified teams, which will go from 32 to 36, will be in a single group. One of those extra seats will be assigned to nations with the best seasonal ranking in the three European cups this year. And among these there is Italy, also helped by a draw that sees the derby between Milan and Roma in the quarter-finals of the Europa League and therefore a sure representative in the semi-finals. And therefore the fifth of this championship could get the pass.

However, the question that should be asked, perhaps with a minimum of controversy but constructive self-criticism, is only one: how much this extra place is, or would be, deserved? Answering honestly and sincerely is not that easy. In fact, seeing the absence of an Italian player in the Champions League quarter-finals, more than one might turn up their noses. This year’s journey has been anything but exciting and positive, with a triple elimination in the round of 16 that does not allow any type of reply. And, if you look back and look back, in the end only Inter last year’s final remains, which they lost to Manchester City. In short, there is little more than a hair’s breadth of Italy in the Champions League.

In short, always being deeply aware of limits and potentialSerie A will most likely seize the opportunity. First of all, a leap called the new format, which, with the enlargement, allows to broaden the possibilities for those who still have a fair number of teams participating in the European Cups. And, as luck would have it, in recent seasons, between the Conference League and the Europa League, there have undoubtedly been some positive results. Therefore a merit of rebound, thanks precisely to what, too often, we snub and have snubbed. An observation and a consequence that will change attitudes and opinions? It’s difficult to say, but who knows, this year some trophies might go the way of the Bel Paese.

2024-04-05 15:24:42
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