Yujing Central Primary School Holds Flag-Raising Ceremony with Theme of Gratitude and Love

In order to cultivate students to learn to be grateful and know how to be grateful, develop good moral qualities and behavioral habits, carry forward the fine traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and not forget their youthful ambitions in gratitude, Yujing Central Primary School in Qianshan City was held on the morning of April 7 held a flag-raising ceremony with the theme of “Learn to be grateful and walk with love”.

This week’s flag-raising ceremony was conducted by the 601 Squadron. Although the spring breeze blew in the morning, it still couldn’t restrain everyone’s excitement. Along with the majestic national anthem, the bright and sacred five-star red flag slowly rose, the team members performed a team salute, and all teachers and students sang the national anthem together.

First of all, branch secretary and principal Jin Haiyang introduced to everyone a special guest attending today’s flag-raising ceremony—Yu Tongyan. He is a native of Tianle Village, Yujing Town. He once studied at Yujing Central Primary School, and now he has started his own business in prosperous Shanghai. But he never forgot his roots and gave back to the land that raised him. This time, we donated computers, table tennis tables, table tennis rackets, badminton rackets, books and other items worth more than 300,000 yuan to our alma mater. We used practical actions to support the education in our hometown and warmed the hearts of the children in our hometown with love.

Then, senior Yu Tongyan shared his inspirational story with the children, encouraging them to establish lofty ideals from an early age, strengthen their belief in serving the country, study diligently, acquire knowledge, exercise abilities, improve their quality, grow their talents, and become qualified successors to the cause of socialism . I hope that the students will gather their strength, sprint bravely, achieve better results and repay the society in the future!

Then, Xia Yan from Class 602 spoke. We would like to express our gratitude to Uncle Yu Tongyan for giving us not only the physical donation, but also the spiritual encouragement. I will cherish these resources, make good use of them, and make myself a better person.

This flag-raising ceremony will pass on the excellent tradition of “learn to be grateful and walk with love” to the students like spring breeze. I hope that the students will always maintain a grateful heart to treat and appreciate the people around them; and use this as an educational opportunity , encourage children to understand love, feel love, sow love, and pass on love in those behaviors that they are already accustomed to, so that everyone knows how to be grateful and everything is full of love. (Zhang Hongming/Photo and text)

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