Your Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Ordering, Payment, Delivery, and Returns

Shipping Information:

– This gift is only given to customers who request a free gift when purchasing a product worth 70,000 won or more. (You cannot apply for a free gift when paying with Naver Pay)

– If you are a business member and would like to request a tax invoice, please contact customer service. (Sign up as a business member and order)

– When purchasing multiple products, place them in the shopping cart and pay at once.

Bundled shipping can be processed to reduce shipping costs, so please refer to this when purchasing.

* Order / Order Cancellation

– Order deadline: 2pm on weekdays (Order cancellation and order changes are not possible after the order deadline)

– To request an order cancellation, please make a request on the question/answer bulletin board before the order deadline.

– When depositing without a bankbook, the payment amount and the name of the account holder must match for quick deposit confirmation.

– When making a bank transfer, if you do not pay within 7 days, your order will be automatically cancelled.

– Special price clothing and special price products cannot be returned or exchanged, so please purchase carefully.

(Because this product is sold at a special price, refunds are not possible, so please refer to this when purchasing.)

– All purchased products are automatically bundled and shipped if the recipient address is the same.

* Payment / Payment Cancellation

– If the card is approved on the same day and canceled the next day, the card cancellation will be completed 3 to 4 business days later.

Please check with your credit card company in 3-4 days.

– When paying through escrow or real-time bank transfer, a full refund will be issued only if the order is canceled on the same day.

Please note that in case of cancellation or return later, 10% of the payment amount will be deducted and refund will be made by bank transfer.

– If you pay by mobile phone, you must cancel your order in the current month for a full refund.

Please note that in case of cancellation or return later, 10% of the payment amount will be deducted and refund will be made by bank transfer.

(Example: June payments can only be canceled until June 30th and cannot be canceled from July 1st.)

– Mobile phone payments cannot be partially cancelled, so please keep this in mind when making payment.

* delivery

– Tracking number confirmation time: Available for tracking from the morning of the day after shipment

– You can track the delivery using the tracking number. Please contact the delivery company to inquire about the location of the product after shipment.

– Delivery company: Rosen Express (1588-9988)

– Most products are shipped the same day and can be received within 2 to 5 days (excluding public holidays).

– For islands and mountainous areas, you can receive it within 3 to 7 days (excluding public holidays).

– If the product is not in stock, it will be ordered from the manufacturer and shipped after receipt, so delivery may take an additional 2 to 3 days.

– For limited quantity products or imported products, delivery may be slightly delayed.

– Shipping cost: Free shipping for orders over 50,000 won

– Additional shipping charges apply to Jeju Island and mountainous islands.

(Jeju Island: 2,500 won + 2,000 won = 4,500 won, Island and mountainous areas: 2,500 won + 6,000 won = 8,500 won)

* Exchange/Return

– When exchanging/returning, you must use Rosen Courier to avoid additional shipping costs. (Additional shipping costs are borne by the customer when using another courier service)

– Shipping costs and other costs incurred when returning a product due to the customer’s absence are fully borne by the customer.

– If you do not pay the shipping fee when ordering, you will have to pay a round-trip shipping fee of 5,000 won when receiving a refund. (Additional shipping costs apply to Jeju Island and mountainous islands)

– When purchasing two or more products, if you partially return one or more products, you will be charged a round-trip shipping fee of 5,000 won. (Additional shipping costs apply to Jeju Island and mountainous islands)

* When exchange and refund are possible

– Within 7 days from the date of receiving the product

– In case of exchange or refund due to simple change of mind/size/design, the customer is responsible for the round-trip shipping fee.

Please be careful when purchasing as you will have to pay for it. (Including color exchange, size exchange, etc.)

– Colors may look slightly different depending on the monitor and cell phone, and returns/exchanges are not accepted due to this.

You must pay the shipping cost. Example) Lime color, khaki color, etc.

– Clothing and shoe size charts may have slight errors.

For returns/exchanges resulting from this, you will be responsible for shipping costs.

* Cases where exchange and refund are not possible

– If the value of the product has decreased to the point that resale is impossible.

– If the product box, polybag, or product tag (tag) is damaged

– When racket stringing work (gut) is completed

– If the product is worn, washed carelessly, or intentionally damaged.

– In the case of underwear, exchanges, returns, and refunds are not possible due to the nature of the product.

– If the product is lost or damaged due to reasons attributable to the customer.
– If the packaging has been opened or the packaging has been damaged and the product value has been lost.
– If the value of the product has decreased significantly due to the customer’s use or partial consumption
– When the value of the product has decreased significantly over time to the extent that resale is difficult.
– If the packaging of a product that can be copied is damaged

– When exchanging or returning, please be sure to contact Woosung Sports Customer Center (02-465-1297).

(Please return the product with a note containing the buyer’s name/reason/contact information, etc.)

– Exchange shipping fee: Round-trip shipping fee of 5,000 won is included (additional shipping fee applies to Jeju Island/mountainous islands).

– Return shipping fee: KRW 2,500 enclosed upon receipt of product with cash on delivery

5,000 won is included when you receive the product with prepayment and free shipping.

(Additional shipping costs apply to Jeju Island/mountainous islands.)

* Savings (points) and coupons

– Coupons can be used only for products in the coupon event category.

– Coupons and points can be used when registering as a member.

– Coupons and points cannot be used multiple times and may be suspended according to company policy.

– Coupons and points cannot be used for shuttlecocks and some products.

– When purchasing a product, a reward of 2% of the payment amount is paid. (Available when paying for the product)

– Points are not awarded when purchasing a shuttlecock.

– Points can be used when the total product purchase amount is 40,000 won or more.

– When ordering, do not add it to the shopping cart. Please note that shipping costs incurred when ordering more than 2 items are non-refundable.

– Woosung Sports The shopping mall is optimized for 1280 It is done
For customers using lower resolutions (older monitors),
It may cover the right side of the screen of the shopping mall, so use the mouse to scroll the bottom.
You can use it smoothly. (Quick banner on the right, etc.)
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