Yanira Liceaga Appointed Director of Operations and Legal Affairs for National Women’s Superior Basketball (BSNF)

The Governing Board of the National Women’s Superior Basketball (BSNF) announced the appointment of Yanira Liceaga as Director of Operations and Legal Affairs.

“I am pleased with the integration of Yanira to our work team. I am sure that we will be able to advance our goals and causes for the benefit of our players and all the components of the BSNF,” said Luis Gabriel Miranda, president of the league, in a written communication.

Liceaga, who was a BSNF player, has vast experience in the sports field.

In 2018, she was the vice president of the Puerto Rico Basketball Federation. Additionally, she worked as a legal representative of the Professional Basketball Players Association.

“My arrival at BSNF and contributing to the league is a sporting goal that I have always longed for. I thank the president (Miranda) and the tournament director for this call. I seek to contribute from various perspectives since as Director of Operations and Legal Advisor it will allow me to work in various functions, from special projects designated by the administration to amendments to regulations, as well as day-to-day operations,” said Liceaga.

“I hope that my integration into the BSNF has positive effects and that it is the beginning of many good things for women’s professional basketball,” she concluded.

2024-04-19 22:10:05
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