Eintracht Frankfurt Consolidates 6th Place with Emotional Victory Against Augsburg

Eintracht Frankfurt has returned after difficult weeks and consolidated 6th place in an emotional game against FC Augsburg (3:1). This victory should now give us self-confidence for a tough remaining program.

Big celebration from Kevin Trapp: After four games without a win, Eintracht Frankfurt celebrated another threesome. IMAGO/Jan Huebner

“It wasn’t a final, but it was a very, very important game,” Kevin Trapp maintained after his Frankfurt Eintracht’s 3-1 win against Augsburg DAZN firmly. The Eagles had previously failed to win four times in a row. The death of club legend Bernd Hölzenbein, who died on Monday at the age of 78 after a serious illness, brought additional emotionality.

The initial phase of the game was all the more bitter, in which Ruben Vargas gave Fuggerstadt an early lead. “An unfortunate action,” summed up coach Dino Toppmöller. “Willian Pacho plays the ball to Philipp Max and puts him in trouble. Augsburg finishes it well, a great finish.” After an “actually good start,” this caused unrest not only in the stands.

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Lack of order after an early deficit

“From the 20th or 25th minute we felt like we lost a bit of order in the offensive game. If the players are not in their positions, then of course counterattack situations arise. We were lucky in one or two scenes that Augsburg was there not capitalize on it,” admitted Toppmöller. The 0-1 half-time deficit still felt like it was “not necessarily deserved”.

Some of the fans probably saw it differently, which is why they accompanied the players on the way to the dressing room with whistles – to the astonishment of Captain Trapp. “I don’t know where the whistles come from. I think from the opposite stand. I can’t understand it,” explained the 33-year-old. “It’s a difficult situation, you can always fall behind, but we were still in the game. Of course, everything isn’t always pretty and Augsburg was low, so it’s not easy to do everything perfectly.”

At 2-1 it was incredibly loud. That was rare.

But the SGE professionals didn’t let this unsettle them, they came out of the break better and turned the game around with goals in the 55th and 61st minutes. “It was incredibly loud at 2-1. It’s rarely been like that,” Trapp also praised his own fans.

Toppmöller’s counterpart then switched to a three-man chain, but the SGE coach also reacted and adapted his own tactics. “We wanted to keep trying to release the long ball early. That’s why we wanted to start with three players up front because we knew that Augsburg has a lot of players who are very keen on the second ball from midfield. The two guys up front are very keen strong in the head and can shield the ball well, then Sven Michel came along who is very good with his back to the goal,” the coach explained the approach.

And he should be right about her. “In the end, Augsburg didn’t have that one big chance and I think you can say we deserved to win.” Omar Marmoush’s 3-1 win in the final minute eliminated all doubts and ensured that Frankfurt further consolidated 6th place.

Frankfurt’s remaining program: “Games we can look forward to”

“We just wanted to have a win for our fans and deliver a performance that they would go home happy with today. We know that we have a bit of a debt to pay because of one or two performances in the last few weeks,” explained Toppmöller, who also thought of the late Eintracht legend. “We are very proud that we can dedicate this victory to Bernd Hölzenbein.”

The rest of the Frankfurt program is now tough. The eagle bearers have to play away at Bayern and Gladbach, at home they still face Leverkusen and Leipzig. “These are all games that we can look forward to,” said Trapp, looking ahead and hoping that he and his colleagues can draw “very, very much self-confidence” from the important win against Augsburg.

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