Women’s Tour de France with Zwift 2024: Barendrecht Welcomes Cyclists in Stage 2

BARENDRECHT – On Tuesday, August 13, the second stage of the ‘Women’s Tour de France with Zwift 2024‘ place. This ride from Dordrecht to Rotterdam (73 kilometers long) passes through Barendrecht in the morning. The participants are expected to drive through Barendrecht that day between 10:50 and 11:20 am.

The route of the ‘Tour de France for women‘ runs from the IJsselmonde junction over the ring road (Veren Ambachtseweg – Tuindersweg – Boezemweg – Leedeweg), via the 3e Barendrechtseweg towards the Achterzeedijk and over the dike towards the Koedood and the polders in Rhoon. The route does not pass through the center of Barendrecht (unlike Ridderkerk, for example).

Tour de France Women

Councilor Margo Stolk (Sports): “The completion of the Tour de France de Femmes is a unique opportunity to show what Barendrecht has to offer. Together with our partners, we do everything we can to make the passage something beautiful.” In the run-up to the tour, various activities (for children) will be organized in Barendrecht.

About the organization the ride from Dordrecht to Rotterdam: “The morning ride is relatively short, but that is precisely why it is very treacherous. The pace will be high from the start and the classification riders, who will already be thinking about that afternoon’s individual time trial in Rotterdam, must not lose their attention for a second. They cannot win the Tour here, but they can already lose it. (…) The route leads via Alblasserdam, Ridderkerk and Barendrecht to the southern edge of Rotterdam. After the turning point at Rhoon, the Tour finally enters the finish city for the last 15 kilometers of the stage.

Article photo: The participants drive over the Achterzeedijk from the 3e Barendrechtseweg towards Albrandswaard


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