Igei: The Inspiring Story of a Dragon Who Did Judo

A story with simple and direct language, permeated by an explosive mix of emotions, even for an adult, “Igei, story of a dragon who did judo” is a powerful educational tool thanks to the values ​​it communicates: through the principles of judo it is transmitted the ancient precept that teaches that appearances are deceiving and that it is possible to give life to the potential hidden in each of us and find our own way. “Igei, the story of a dragon who did judo” is a book that talks about passion, friendship and mutual prosperity, participation, respect and effort to improve. The story narrates the vicissitudes of the young Igei, an adolescent dragon who resembles a chicken, and for this reason he is everyone’s “dra-chicken” at school. Victim of bullying, Igei lives isolated and on the margins of society. However, something will radically change his life… Reading age: from 7 years.

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2024-04-15 17:09:27
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