Viterbo Dominates WiPlanet Montefiascone in Serie C Match, Winning 11-1

Bitter Sunday for the WiPlanet Serie C. Viterbo dominates the yellow-greens of Win Planet Montefiascone and wins the match 11-1 thanks above all to the performance of the pitchers Michelangelo Bertollini and Vincenzo Servodio, who conceded very little to the yellow-green hitters, putting a lot of 12 strikeouts, with only 5 hits and 3 bases on balls allowed. It should be underlined that Bertollini was also the best hitter of his team, with two hits (a double and a triple) out of the total of 6 served by the yellow and blue team. Viterbo’s defense was also superior, with only one error against WiPlanet’s 4. Congratulations therefore to the young team of the capital, coached by Alessandro Bertollini (father of the pitcher Michelangelo and the catcher Leonardo) together with the group of technical experts Mauro Quatrini and Alberto Massini. A challenge that had the flavor of amarcord given that the last time the derby, always deeply felt by the two circles, was 17 years ago, in the 2008 Serie B championship, with 2 double matches both ending with a victory and one defeat per team.


2024-04-18 19:44:06
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