Viñales leads the Spanish dominance in the premiere of the US GP

There has always been talk and writing about Maverick Vinales in a joking way by always starring, in each pre-season test and even in the tests that the MotoGP teams carry out on various tracks throughout the year to improve their bikes, the best times and being defined as the ‘monday champion’the day on which these sessions are always held after the GP corresponding to Sunday has concluded.

Well, everything seems to indicate that Viñales, who is partnered with Catalan veteran Aleix Espargaró in the ‘team’ of Apriliais now ready to be the protagonist throughout all the weekends of this exciting World Championship, which today began its third grand prix on the beautiful, long (5,513 meters), bumpy, repaved (somewhat), circuit of Gota, in Austin, Texas, USA.

Very fast times

Viñales, who could be leader of the World Cup MotoGP of having not broken the gearbox on his Aprilia when he was fighting for victory on Sunday Portimao (Portugal) After having won the sprint race on Saturday and having dressed up as a gorilla to show how strong he is, he achieved the best time today, in the first test in Austin. (2,03,294 minutes) in front of ‘Martinator’ (2.03443) and the ‘Mazarrón shark’ (2.03.606), who continues to impress everyone with his skill, expertise and determination to tame a tough rubbingwhich is doing great on the North American circuit. ‘MVK’and all of them are still far from the record of ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia (Ducati, 2.01.892) from last year.

The times, which were not bad, not at all bad, will, without a doubt, be improved tonight (Spanish time) in the second practice, as the drivers will push especially ahead of tomorrow’s ‘quali’, since getting a good position in The starting grid is vital on a route in which the top of the straight and the arrival of the first left-hand corner are uphill.

As is usual in the two-time Italian champion (Ducati)the position of the leader of the Borgo Panigale factory has not been excessively good, as he has finished in 11th position (2.04.242), two places behind the Catalan champion Marc Márquez (Ducati, 2.04.003)winner seven times at the Austin track.

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