Varadero 2024 Judo Open: International Competition Takes Over Cuban Tourist Hub

Havana, Apr 7 (EFE).- Competitors from Cuba and representatives from Poland, Canada, the United States and Peru divided the 14 titles disputed in the Varadero 2024 Judo Open, concluded this Sunday in the main Cuban tourist hub.

For women, the Polish Katarzyna Sobierajska – bronze in the world youth championship in Italy in 2021 – won the gold medal in the 70 kg division at the Open by beating Costa Rican Diana Brenes by ippon, and placed 31st. of the world ranking.

In the 78 kg, the title was won by Canadian Coralie Godbout, who dominated Peruvian Camila Figueroa.

Of the men’s judokas, the winning visitors in their respective divisions were the American of Cuban origin Johan Silot (81 kg) and the Peruvian Yuta Galarreta (90 kg).

In the final, the Cuban trio Liester Cardona (100 kg), Jonathan Loynaz (+100 kg) and Naomis Elizarde (+78 kg) won the gold medals in their sections.

Four other Cubans: Orlando Polanco (66 kg), Magdiel Estrada (73 kg), Yunaisy Roque (48 kg) and Aleanny Carbonell (52 kg) had been crowned last Thursday, on the first day of the competition.

On that same day, judokas Isabelle Harris, from Canada, Peruvian Marian Flores and American David Terao, won gold in the 63, 57 and 60 kg categories, respectively.

In this edition, the Varadero Open brought together a total of 122 athletes from nine countries, divided into seven categories, four women’s and three men’s.

The competition has helped the judokas who were seeking qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games to be able to add up to 100 points within the Olympic ranking, according to the state sports media Jit.

Cuba currently has the champions Maylín del Toro (63 kg) and Idalis Ortiz (+78 kg), Iván Silva (90 kg), Andy Granda (+100 kg) and Magdiel Estrada (73 kg) in the Olympic qualification zone. .

But Ortiz, Silva and Granda did not participate in this event due to a “technical decision given the proximity of other important events,” according to that publication.

In total, 71 men and 51 women competed, and the most represented countries were Cuba, with 79 judokas; United States, with 19; Canada, with 11 and Peru with four. EFE

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