Milan Baseball: Positive Signs Despite Narrow Defeats at Fodritto Tournament

At the Fodritto tournament in Codogno, Milan lost 5-4 to the hosts and 4-3 to Senago, but Fraschetti can still draw some positive indications. Almost all the pitchers did well with Cueto’s encouraging debut (zero hits in 3 innings against Senago), still a bit of difficulty in attack where Torrellas, Ambrosioni (two hits each), Fraschetti and Lo Monaco (one double each ) seemed the warmest. The “Fodritto” was won by Codogno (3-2 at Senago) and on Sunday it will be the turn of the “Cameroni” at Kennedy with Settimo Torinese and Grizzlies Torino

Marco Fraschetti (in the center) with the neorossoblù: from left Andrea Pasotto, Randy Cueto, Gabriel Dall’Agnese and Alessandro Garavaglia

Two narrow defeats against two proven Serie A teams, but also many positive indications in view of the championship which will start in fifteen days in Settimo Torinese. At the Fodritto tournament in Codogno, Milan first surrendered 5-4 to the hosts and then 4-3 to Senago. Marco Fraschetti rotated all the rossoblù players available, including Andrea Pasotto, used only in the defensive phase thanks to an agreement with the opposing teams and the use of a second designated hitter. And in any case the former Parma player performed well, even coming close to a great elimination at home plate.

Overall there were two balanced games with few errors and the pitchers already in more advanced shape than the hitters. In the first match the rossoblù starter was Mattia Varalda who in three innings allowed 3 hits without conceding points, holding up well in comparison with the Venezuelan from Codogno Torres who, in fact, went down 3-0 in the third inning after having conceded two bases and having suffered two hits from Varalda himself and Torrellas. In the 4th minute, however, the hosts equalize on the relief Dall’Agnese who appeared the most late among the Milanese pitchers (7 hits conceded), while Persico ended the last round without conceding any points, entering with 2 men on base and zero outs.

In the match against Senago, the debut of Randy Cueto was encouraging as he pitched in the first three innings without conceding any hits and only allowing one base ball to Laurenti. The Cuban had four kappas out of 10 batters faced. For his reliever Davide Pizzi, however, two contrasting innings: the first was very tiring with 4 hits and 3 points conceded, the second was easy with three consecutive outs, two of which were kappas. Polo also did well, betrayed only by a defensive error which however cost the point of defeat, because Milan then scored 3 points in the final on the reliever Stefano Marzullo (after having suffered a lot from Bortolamai).

In attack, as we were saying, some inevitable difficulties at the beginning of the season: 9 total hits in 14 shots and only two from extra base: doubles by Fraschetti in the first match and by Lo Monaco in the second. Torrellas and Ambrosioni were the only ones to score a couple. In defense Fraschetti deployed Samuele Pasotto at second, Ambrosioni at third and Capellano at shortstop against Codogno, then switching to the combination Ambrosioni 4-Garavaglia 5-Samu Pasotto 6 in the second, with the two very young players performing quite well one next to the other ‘the other, with a completely minor left side of the diamond.

For the record, the Fodritto tournament was then won by Codogno who beat Senago 3-2 in a pleasant and very balanced final until the penultimate innings, with the former rossoblù Garavito as the winning pitcher of the match.


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