Upcycling Judo Uniform into Stylish Bags: A DIY Guide

Estimated production time: 120 minutes

Do you have a judo uniform that you bought for lessons or school classes but are no longer using?

If so, let’s take the plunge and remake it♪
Judo uniforms are made of sashiko fabric, which has a strong, uneven texture, so if you remake it, you can make durable and stylish bags and pouches.

When I tried remaking the top and bottom of a judo uniform I had at home, I was able to make two large bags, one small bag, a pouch with plenty of space, and a coin case.

So this time, I will show you how to make a tote bag with a remade jacket and obi.

A simple and easy-to-use tote bag with plenty of size and an outside pocket.
They are made to fit the size of the gi, so you can remake any size gi.

Materials and cutting size of tote bag remade from judo jacket

1 piece of judo uniform obi or 1 piece of acrylic tape* Approximately 2m of 2cm wide twill tape*※

*The obi is used for the handle, but if it seems difficult to sew a thick obi on a low-power sewing machine, you can use acrylic tape instead.
You can use acrylic tape in a color that matches your gi, or you can add a colored accent to make it a point color.

◎Twill tape is used to treat fabric edges. This is not necessary when finishing the edges of the fabric using a lock sewing machine or zigzag sewing machine.

We recommend a thick thread of about 30 (#30) and a #16 needle for thick fabrics.

Finished size

When made with a size 170 jacket: length 42cm x width 45cm x gusset 16cm approx.

How to make a tote bag made from a judo jacket

1.Cut the top of the judo uniform

Cut the top of the judo uniform into parts. The key is to draw the chalk pen while being careful to get the right angle.

Separate the parts to make them easier to cut

Cut the collar part of the top of the judo uniform.

Basically, the top and bottom of the judo uniform are switched. Cut the top and bottom at this switching part.

Cut the top along the side line.

Cut the fabric of the bag body

After cutting, open it. This sleeve part will be the fabric of the bag itself.

Use a chalk pen to draw a square (rectangle) that is as large as the one piece of cloth, excluding the cuffs and reinforcement parts.

Cut along the chalk pen. Cut the opposite sleeve into a square of the same size.

I cut two pieces of fabric for the bag body.

cut the fabric for the pocket

Using the remaining top half of the bag body cloth, draw two rectangles with a chalk pen, about 20cm wide and as long as you can cut them vertically, and cut them out.
These two rectangular pieces of cloth will be the pocket cloth.

Cut the fabric for the bottom of the bag

The bottom cloth will be used for the bottom of the bag.
Use a chalk pen to draw a rectangle with the same width as the bag’s fabric, but as long as you can cut it vertically, and cut it.

cut the handle

If using a band, cut the ends.

Cut the obi or acrylic tape into two pieces of 1m to 1.3m.
When making a bag using a men’s size judo uniform, please aim for 1m for a handheld tote bag and 1.3m for a type that can be hung over the shoulder with plenty of room.
Here, I made it with obi strips cut into 1 meter lengths.

Finished cutting the bag parts Now, we have cut all the bag parts! It’s a relief.

2.Finish the edges of the main body and the bag opening of the pocket.

Fold the top sides of the two body fabrics and the two pocket fabrics into thirds from 1cm to 2cm.

Stitch the trifold part.

3.Sewing the pocket cloth to the main body cloth

Fold the body fabric and pocket fabric in half, cut a little below the “wa” and make a notch.

Lay the pocket fabric on top of the front side of the main body fabric, align the dowel marks, and bast.

4.Sew the handle onto the main fabric

Place the handle so that it hides the edge of the pocket fabric.
The distance between the handles is about 20 cm, and the lengths from the joint marks are equal on both sides, so place them straight and secure with clips.

Fold it back at the opening of the bag and sew in a U-shape.

5.Sew the main fabric and bottom fabric together

Align the bottom edge of the main fabric and one side of the bottom fabric with the center sides together, and sew them together with a seam allowance of 1cm.

Place another piece of body fabric on the opposite side of the bottom fabric, center side up, and sew together with a seam allowance of 1cm.

6.Processing the seam allowance

Cut two pieces of twill tape to the same length as the width of the bag body.

Fold the twill tape in half with an iron.

Wrap the seam where the main fabric and bottom fabric are sewn together with twill tape and sew.

7.Fold the bottom to create a triangular gusset

Fold the bag in half at the center, fold the bottom into a W shape, and secure with a clip. (The photo is viewed from the side)

Fold it so that the length to the seam is 5cm. This part will be the triangular gusset.

8.Sew both sides and adjust the seam allowance

Sew both sides together with a 1cm seam allowance.

Cut two pieces of twill tape to the length of the bag body + 3cm (1.5cm each on top and bottom).

Fold the twill tape in half with an iron, apply it to the seam allowance, and fold the 1.5cm protruding part at the top and bottom to cover the seam allowance.

Fold it in a pattern and cover the seam.

I sewed twill tape to the seam allowance on both sides.

A tote bag that is a remake of a judo jacket is completed!

When you turn it inside out, you have completed a tote bag that is a remake of the top of a judo uniform.

Make a pouch with the remaining fabric from the jacket.

Even if you make such a large tote bag, there will still be some fabric left over from the jacket.
Therefore, we also made a generously sized pouch with a gusset and a coin case with a spring mouth.

How to make a gusseted pouch

I had a lot of leftover fabric from the bottom of the jacket, so I made a two-piece zipper pouch from this part.
The completed size is approximately 18cm tall x 28cm wide x 10cm deep.

Nunocoto Fabric introduces several recipes for two-piece zipper pouches with gussets. Please use this as a reference when making your own.

How to make a spring mouth pouch

I didn’t have much leftover fabric for the upper part of my jacket, so I made a coin case with a spring opening that I could make with just a little bit of fabric.

There’s also a recipe for spring-mouthed pouches.

nunocoto fabric has a variety of stylish patterns.

The lining fabric for each pouch is fabric from our store, nunocoto fabric.

nunocoto fabric is an online fabric shop that prints the desired pattern on the specified fabric after receiving the order from the customer. You can choose your favorite fabric from over 3,000 patterns.

[Fabric currently used for printing]

・Ox (100% cotton)
・Double gauze (100% cotton)
・Viera (25% linen, 75% cotton)
・Canvas (100% cotton)
・Roan (100% cotton)
・Twill (100% cotton)

Please use it for a fun handmade life.

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