Up-and-Coming Judoka Compete at DEM U18 Championships in Leipzig

On the first weekend in March, young judoka from all over Germany met in Leipzig and fought for the medals. The top 400 judoka took part in the DEM U18 in the Brüderstraße sports hall in Leipzig.

Mia Schipper had the opportunity to fight at this high level for the first time at the German Individual Championships in Leipzig. The current DAN candidate (black belt) put on her judo belt when she was just 5 years old and proved early on that she wanted to live this great sport.

After a turbulent start in the second round, the third-place finisher made a mistake in the ground fight at the West German Championships, which sent her to the consolation round (fight for bronze). In the fourth round, of all places, she met her arch-rival, to whom she had already lost in the West German championship. This time too, Mia found no way to counter her opponent’s hard and aggressive grip technique.

The student is very satisfied with her performance and will continue to do everything in her power to be able to participate successfully again in the future.

(Text/ Photo: Mia Schipper, 9d)

2024-04-07 18:06:32
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