United States and Cuba Secure Half of Available Tickets in Taekwondo Qualifier

SANTO DOMINGO. The United States and Cuba were left this Tuesday with four of the eight tickets given out on the second date of the Taekwondo Qualifier held in the Volleyball Pavilion of the Olympic Center.

The other four classified in their respective categories fell to the representatives of Brazil, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina.

The qualifying tournament concludes this Thursday with the delivery of places for the Paralympic athletes, and then gives way, from Friday to Sunday, to the Santo Domingo 2024 Taekwondo Open.

The Dominican Katherine Rodríguez, weighing more than 67 kilos, saw her aspirations of reaching the Olympic Games for the third time in a row cut short by losing in the semifinal round.

The Quisqueyan was beaten 2-0 (8-0, 2-2, ) by Arlettys De La Caridad Acosta, from Cuba, who showed great defense, evading Rodríguez’s attack.

The other classified in the category went to the Chilean Fernanda Aguirre, who defeated Aliyah Shipman, from Haiti, 2-0.

The United States got the tickets at -57, with Faith Dillon, and Jonathan Healy, in more than 80 kilos, who beat Luis Álvarez, from Venezuela, 2-0.

For Cuba, Rafael Alba, in over 80 kilos, qualified for Paris 2024, who won 2-0 against Marc Andre Bergeron, from Canada.

Brazil’s place was won by María Clara Pacheco, who defeated Neshi Lee Lindo, from Costa Rica, 2-0. Yohandri Granado qualified for Venezuela, who defeated Jhon Deivi Garrido, from Colombia, 2-0, in -58 kilos.

For Argentina, Lucas Guzmán won 2-1 against the Canadian Braven Park, at -58 kilos, to earn his ticket.

Of the 16 places available in the Olympic qualifier, the United States and Brazil won three each, while the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Chile got two each, while Canada, Uruguay, Venezuela and Argentina shared the remaining four.

This Thursday’s day

Starting at 9:00 in the morning, the Parataekwondo qualifier will take place heading to Paris, France, with eight places awarded.

The Quisqueyan team is made up of Gerardo Castro, double silver medalist in the Pan American Games; Gerardo Díaz and Julio Figueroa.

The qualifiers are organized by the Dominican Taekwondo Federation, in coordination with the World Taekwondo Federation.

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